7 Celebrities Who Have Battled Eating Disorders ...


7 Celebrities Who Have Battled Eating Disorders ...
7 Celebrities Who Have Battled Eating Disorders ...

The media definitely loves to cover celebrities who have battled eating disorders. It could be through tabloids, interviews, or even documentaries. There are so many speculations these days that the media practically paints any thin star as a poster-child for Anorexia Nervosa. But check out this list of celebrities who have battled eating disorders to see some real faces of fighters.

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Karen Carpenter

Karen Carpenter Karen Carpenter is one of the most well-known celebrities who have battled eating disorders. This famous singer seemed to have it all: a loving family, a successful career, and the world on her side. After years of struggling, Karen died in February 1983 of heart failure caused by her eating disorder. The film “The Karen Carpenter Story” tells her story of distortions and death. It was a huge shame to lose this singer. She was truly talented and a remarkable woman.


Tracy Gold

Tracy Gold “Growing Pains” actress Tracy Gold battled an eating disorder for years. Her memoir “Room To Grow: An Appetite For Life” talks about her experience and recovery. She starred in the film “For The Love Of Nancy,” a film about an anorexic college student and her recovery. Gold took control of the film and wanted to make the movie authentic to the disorder, not to the media’s misconceptions of it.

Frequently asked questions

Anorexia nervosa is an eating disorder where individuals have an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted body image. They often see themselves as overweight even when they are underweight and may restrict their food intake severely. It’s a serious condition that affects both physical and mental health.

Signs can vary, but some common indicators include drastic weight loss or gain, obsessive behavior around food, excessive exercise, and a preoccupation with body image. If someone seems fixated on their weight or eating habits in a way that’s influencing their daily life, it might be a red flag.

Celebrities are under constant scrutiny over their appearance, which can lead to immense pressure to look a certain way. The unrealistic standards set by media and public expectations can contribute to the development of eating disorders as they strive to meet these impossible ideals.

Supporting someone with an eating disorder includes being compassionate, encouraging them to seek professional help, and being patient. Listening without judgment and avoiding comments on their appearance are key. Educating yourself about their condition can also help you understand what they’re going through.

Yes, eating disorders are treatable, but it often requires a comprehensive approach involving psychological therapy, nutritional counseling, and medical monitoring. Recovery can be a long and challenging process, but with the right support and treatment, many individuals can overcome their eating disorders.


Portia De Rossi

Portia De Rossi Portia de Rossi made her fame on the 90s hit show “Ally McBeal.” Continuing to rise through her acting and August 2008 marriage to comedian Ellen DeGenerous, Portia overcame her eating disorder. She talks in her memoir “Unbearable Lightness: A Story Of Loss And Gain” about the challenges of being a closeted actress, the stresses of daily life under her disorder’s dictator voice and the role her disorder played on her relationships. I find her story empowering and courageous. She is one of my favorite celebs.


Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato Demi Lovato has to be one of my favorite people in the world. Her struggle with Bulimia Nervosa and other mental illnesses has become an inspiration for millions, teaching them to speak up and recover. Love is indeed louder than the pressure to be perfect. She created a documentary “Stay Strong” about her life now and her history. I’ve had the privilege of seeing Demi in concert and can attest that she offers support and encouragement for anyone struggling, instilling in them that they are worth the fight to recovery.



Ke$ha Recently, tabloids have been having a field day with the affairs of Ke$ha and her family. The star entered treatment for her eating disorder at the start of this year. What’s more shocking, her mother followed, entering treatment herself for PTSD. With all the chaos in this family, I just hope that Ke$ha can take care and dedicate herself to recovery. Our thoughts go with her as she completes her 30-day rehab stint.


Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen The Olsen twins made their way to fame as child stars in the 90s. But the pressure from her new life along with personal problems got to Mary-Kate. She entered treatment in 2004 to battle her Anorexia Nervosa. I always loved the Olsen twins as a kid and it was such a shock to find out about Mary-Kate. Mary-Kate has stepped out of the acting world for a more hands-on role in her fashion line along with sister Ashley.


Candace Cameron Bure

Candace Cameron Bure Mary-Kate Olsen wasn’t the only “Full House” child actor to develop an eating disorder. Candace Cameron Bure, aka D.J., became bulimic after the hit show ended. She writes about her struggle in her memoir “Reshaping It All.” She has since fully recovered, gotten married, and continues to act.

Having an eating disorder is a struggle, let alone putting yourself in the public eye. I look to these women who have battled and fought to stay strong whatever the outcome. What other celebrities do you know that have struggled with an eating disorder?

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The full house sisters had no idea :O

Ke$ha!???!!!? What the? I was not expecting that. i feel for people who have this disorder, its so so scary

@madison and one more thing: not calling it a reflection if our society(ie the western society) is a wrong claim. If you read health news you will see that what we call lifestyle illnesses(including overeating,bulimia and anorexia) are increasing compared to 50 years ago. And that the top 10 illnesses people die from in non-western countries are not these, but infectious diseases. Feel free to look that up Madison

I hate to admit, but I have been battling am eating disorder for years. Please to do not let yourselves do it. It's so hard to deal with.

it is unbelieveable to know how many people eating disorders affect. it helps me believe that I will get better becuase they got better.

wow demi lavato?!?! i did not expect that :O

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