7 Celebrities with Addictions ...


7 Celebrities with Addictions ...
7 Celebrities with Addictions ...

While names like Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan immediately pop to mind when someone mentions celebrity addictions, there are some celebrity addictions that might not have been so obvious to the everyday observer. There may have been rumors and even news stories about the drug or alcohol abuse of these stars, but their addictions are or were not a defining issue in the public lives of these celebrities, both past and present. You might be surprised by these 7 Celebrities with Addictions:

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Ray Kroc

Who he is: McDonald’s founder
His addiction: alcohol
Ray Kroc, the man that brought McDonalds to the world and the happy meal to a plethora of children crossing generations, was a recovering alcoholic. Perhaps in response to his struggles with alcohol, Ray Kroc’s wife, Joan, opened Operation Cork in 1976. This non-profit endeavor informed doctors and health workers about the dangers of alcohol addiction.


Johnny Depp

Who he is: American actor
His addiction: alcohol, drugs
Johnny Depp, of bigscreen fame, had already had run-ins with the law at age 15. Dropping out of school, he chased his dream of being a musician to Los Angeles where years later (and a few miles north), he would find his star on the walk of fame. In interviews, Johnny acknowledged his drug and alcohol abuse, saying, “there was a danger that I would go over the edge. I could have. I thank God I didn't.”


Dick Van Dyke

Who he is: American actor
His addiction: alcohol
Dick Van Dyke, famous for his Mary Poppins character Bert and for the Dick Van Dyke Show, wrote in his memoir entitled “My Lucky Life In and Out of Show Business” that he had been mostly drunk for 15 years before he sought counseling. Van Dyke checked into a rehab clinic in Arizona in 1972. After receiving an Emmy nomination in 1974 for his role as an alcoholic businessman in The Morning After, Van Dyke came clean about his real-life addiction.


Buzz Aldrin

Who he is: Astronaut
His addiction: alcohol
Celebrities with addictions don’t always come from the realm of actors and music stars. In the years following his NASA career, Buzz Aldrin found himself mired in depression and alcoholism. Although open about his battles with depression, he kept his drinking problem under wraps. As his marriage to his wife Joan was dissolving, his drinking became more public. Admitted to the Veteran’s Administration Hospital to dry out, Buzz attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. It wasn’t until much later that he finally checked himself in to a private facility, where he stayed for 28 days.


Leonard Nimoy

Who he is: American actor
His addiction: alcohol
Leonard Nimoy claims his role as Spock on Star Trek drove him to drink. After long hours of filming, Leonard would relax with a couple, and eventually many, glasses of wine and other types of alcohol. He realized the toll his alcoholism was taking on his professional and work life, and checked himself into rehab. His first marriage destroyed, he eventually fell in love again and says he has not had a drink since that time.


Prince Harry

Who he is: British royalty
His addiction: alcohol, drugs
Perhaps not truly qualifying in this list of celebrities with addictions but a case in point of who can fall into bad habits: Prince Charles ordered his son, Prince Harry, into a rehab clinic after the young prince admitted he drank heavily and smoked marijuana. Prince Charles had noticed a dramatic change in Harry’s behavior, and sent him to the Featherston Lodge, a facility Charles had opened in 1998. After talking with hard-core heroin and cocaine addicts, who emphasized their addictions started with marijuana and alcohol, Harry is said to have sworn off the stuff.


Demi Moore

Who she is: American actress
Her addiction: alcohol, drugs
Demi Moore began abusing alcohol and drugs during her early musical and acting career. When she signed the contract to play the cocaine-addicted character Jules in St. Elmo’s Fire, it stated that she had to stop her own drug and alcohol abuse. The daughter of alcoholic parents who moved around a great deal, Demi found herself in an alcohol and drug rehab program with her mother, from which Demi emerged clean but her mother did not.

Alcoholism is an insidious disease that could have undermined the lives of these 7 Celebrities with Addictions, but they found help. If you need help or know someone who you think does, please consult your doctor for more information.

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