10 Gorgeous Full-Figured Celebrities ...


10 Gorgeous Full-Figured Celebrities ...
10 Gorgeous Full-Figured Celebrities ...

Full-Figured Celebrities have been spotted in all their curvaceous glory all over red carpets the past few weeks, inspiring their fans with their talent and their confidence. Whether they're presenting or accepting awards, or just glamming it up at the ceremonies, it's so good to see full-figured celebrities featured alongside their scrawny counterparts. Hey, not every woman is meant to be a size 6, and these full-figured celebrities celebrate that! Here are 10 gorgeous full-figured celebrities... who do you think looked the best on the red carpet lately?

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Adele Songstress siren and curvy lady Adele is one of my favorite full-figured celebrities. She's gorgeous, glamorous, and completely comfortable with her feminine curves. I can't imagine her as a skinny scrawny stick girl... can you?


Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah Queen Latifah has long been a strong, powerful proponent of realistic body types and of the beauty that comes with confidence. I love that she's so vocal and outspoken, and that she's also a spokesperson for cosmetics, not for some fad diet program.


Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey Speaking of diet programs, Mariah is the spokesperson for Jenny Craig, and though I normally hate when full-figured celebrities betray their bodies and diet in public view, Mariah seems content to be a somewhat smaller, healhier version of her still-curvy body.


Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy Miss Melissa is absolutely beautiful! She's radiant, and that smile! I've loved seeing her on the red carpet and presenting at the SAG Awards... the bit about the drinking game was magnificent! She also seems to have embraced her curves and takes pride in poking gentle fun at body image stereotypes.


Melissa's fashion sense complements her delightful personality perfectly. Decked out in designer gowns that flatter her figure, she brings both humor and grace to every event. Her ability to light up a room goes beyond physical beauty; it's her infectious laughter and relatable sense of humor that truly make her stand out. Whether she's starring in a hit comedy or launching her clothing line, Melissa McCarthy continues to inspire with her positive approach to self-acceptance and her down-to-earth charm.


Jill Scott

Jill Scott Love her voice, love her body! Pop star Jill Scott is another example of a full-figured celebrity who seems perfectly comfortable in her own skin. She always seems to have a satisfied, happy smile on her face...


Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks When I think of «Mad Men» hottie Christina Hendricks, the first word that pops into my head is «statuesque,» not «full-figured,» but she is a curvy girl, so I'm delighted to include her in my list. I'd give anything for curves like hers!


Camryn Manheim

Camryn Manheim Camryn gives props to the full-figured celebrities that came before her on TV, like Roseann Barr, but I think this plus-sized pretty can hold her own without such examples. She's talented, beautiful, and sexy... don't you agree?


Octavia Spencer

Octavia Spencer Though she's recently said she doesn't consider her body to be healthy at this weight, award-winning «The Help» actress Octavia Spencer looks magnificent for every red carpet appearance, doesn't she? She dresses for her body type, and if she wants to lose weight or be more fit for health reasons, that's one thing... but she certainly doesn't need to do it for style!


Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe Is there any better example of a gorgeous full-figured celebrity than Marilyn Monroe? Her status as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood history will still be secured long after we all come to accept that size 6 isn't necessarily perfect, and that yes, real women often do have curves!

Aren't all of these full-figured celebrities gorgeous? I especially adore Adele's style and of course Octavia's glam! Which of these curvy ladies inspires you? Or is there another full-figured celebrity you love? Do tell!

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Post pictures of these gorgeous curvy celebrities! Thanks for the blog, very inspirational for me :)

I don\'t consider amber rose Beyoncé or Kim k and nick I minaj full figured at all. Curvy yes, full figured far from it. But all the women on this list are beautiful! Love Adele and queen latifah

Why is Maliryn Monroe full-figured?

She was a Size 0, not full-figured at all.

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