7 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites ...


7 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites ...
7 Best Celebrity Gossip Websites ...

Celebrity Gossip Websites are undoubtedly my favorite thing on the web and, judging from their popularity and number, I bet I’m not the only one! Yes, I know you like and read celebrity gossip websites as well, no need for denying it. LOLZ! Now, when holidays are officially over and we’re all forced to go back to our everyday lives, a fresh dose of celebrity-related news can’t hurt, can’t it? Well, that’s why I’ve decided to make this list of my favorite celebrity gossip websites you can turn to whenever you feel bored! Check them out as I’m sure you’ll find enough cool stuff to complete your morning coffee drinking ritual and help take your mind off real life problems!

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Website: tmz.com
Maybe the most complete of all celebrity gossip websites, TMZ sure is a place to visit for your daily celebrity fix. The site gets updated with fresh news multiple times per day which means you’ll have something new and interesting to read about each time you visit. You see, ladies and gents, TMZ staff simply won’t rest until every celebrity “cat” is out of the bag and, once they show you the cat, they’ll keep you posted about its whereabouts for months or, in case the “cat” in question turns out to be interesting, even years!


Perez Hilton

Website: perezhilton.com
Much nicer (or politically correct – whatever) than before, Perez and his staff work hard to bring you all the celebrity news you might be searching for. Now, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of this blogging Divo although I must admit I appreciated him a hell of a lot more when his blog entries resembled bi#chy rants rather than conventional journalism. Oh well… that’s just me! The blog still rocks and you’ll definitely have fun reading it so, if you don’t have it in your favorites yet, I suggest you add it right now!



Website: x17online.com
In case good celebrity photos are what you want to see, look no further than X17, the ultimate source of fresh celebrity news, gossips and, of course, photos! These guys don’t just post anything about everybody but have a slightly different approach instead which means you won’t have to dig through dozens of gossips about celebrity wannabes just to get to the A-list- related stuff. So, check it out and it will soon end up being one of your favorite celebrity gossip websites!


Pop Sugar

Website: popsugar.com
Now, in case you already know about all these sites, here’s one you may or may not have visited so far. Pop Sugar is another site I like to check out once in a while (maybe even more often than I’d like to admit) in order to read all celebrity-related news and gossip I may have missed while focusing on my studies. But, celebrity news and gossip aren’t the only interesting things you’ll get a chance to read here, so visit it even if you’re not a fan of gossip as you’ll definitely find some fashion/children/home décor articles to keep you occupied.


The Superficial

Website: thesuperficial.com
You can call me crazy, shallow or even mean but I do enjoy some good old sarcasm and all that celebrity bashing Perez did so well can now be found here. Why should you check it out? Well, anyone who refers to Heidi Montag as (and I quote) “A collection of parts known as Heidi Montag” deserves my respect. I mean, come on guys, it’s not eleven o’clock news but gossip – why so freaking formal and impartial? You agree? Well, The Superficial is all about saying things in a way very few others would dare to so, if you like these kinds of celebrity gossip websites, you’ll soon find this one interesting and even funny enough to put in your favorites!


The Superficial is a celebrity gossip website that is known for its sarcastic tone and bashing of celebrities. It gained popularity for its witty and unapologetic commentary on Hollywood's biggest names, including referring to Heidi Montag as "a collection of parts." The website prides itself on not being formal or impartial, making it a refreshing and entertaining read for those who enjoy celebrity gossip. Originally created by Perez Hilton, The Superficial continues to attract readers with its humorous take on the latest celebrity news and scandals. It's a must-visit for anyone looking for a good laugh while keeping up with the latest in Hollywood.



Website: people.com
If you prefer calling it “news” rather than “gossip” and think journalists should refrain from taking sides and making comments even when they are supposed to report about celebrities, then I suggest reading People with your morning coffee. They are pros, their stories are impartial and if anyone could make gossiping seem like story-telling, it’s definitely these guys (and gals).


The Hollywood Gossip

Website: thehollywoodgossip.com
Speaking about the mocking-tone, witty rants and un-conventional journalism that makes celebrity gossips seem much more interesting – have you ever visited The Hollywood Gossip? No? Oh, then you simply must! Believe me, you’ll love it! I’ve spent a couple of months working as a gossip columnist too and sites such as this one have always served as an inspiration (not to mention a priceless, frequently-updated source of all gossip I might find interesting enough to pass on to the readers in my area!). This is without a question one of my top celebrity gossip websites!

Some people may think celebrity gossip websites aren't cool, but I'm not one of them! I love my celebrity gossip juicy and my celebrity gossip websites informative and with a lot of photos so if I had to choose, I’d probably say X17 and The Hollywood Gossip! Do you read some of these celebrity gossip websites often and, in case you do, which is your favorite one?

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