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7 Greatly Astonishing Celebrity Scandals ...

By Lyndsie

Celebrity Scandals often rock the pop culture world. We know we shouldn’t care … but we do. We do. Justin Bieber’s recent baby-mama scandal made me think of this. Likely, it’s going to blow over, but it will probably follow him everywhere. What other celebrity scandals have done that? Some of them have broken careers; others have made them. You can never tell with celebrity scandals – so let’s take a look at some of the most astonishing.

1 Pee-Wee and His Pee-Wee

Maybe because I’m still wild about every Pee-Wee Herman movie and comedy show, and because I grew up on Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, this has and will always strike me as one of the weirdest celebrity scandals. I mean, I know public masturbation isn’t in vogue, but I would have been way more horrified if Paul Reubens got better acquainted with himself in a Disney Movie.

2 Milli Vanilli Lose Their Grammy

I had to live through “Blame It on the Rain.” I am still bitter about this. Why do I think this is a shocking scandal? Well, look at how many “artists” rely on lip-synching now. Think about Ashlee Simpson's strange jig on SNL. I think what happened here is that Milli Vanilli got caught. Personally, I don’t think they deserved that Grammy in the first place.

3 Grey’s Anatomy Gets Rough

A lot of the biggest celebrity scandals involve some celeb saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. With some things, there’s never a right time to say it. That includes Michael Richards’ racial hissy fit when he was getting heckled. However, it’s Isaiah Washington’s hateful slur against cast member T.R. Knight that rings out in recent memory.

4 Tom Cruise Jumps for Joy

Tom Cruise’s behavior on Oprah’s couch signaled a long slide into Crazyville. It began when he felt the need to announce his love for Katie Holmes – repeatedly. Of course, his lecture to Matt Lauer could just as easily make the list.

5 Woody Allen Marries His Lover’s Daughter

Woody Allen and Soon-yi. Wow. At the time, this was considered one of the most bizarre celebrity scandals ever imagined. It was pretty gross, too – not even the age difference so much as the fact that this is Mia Farrow’s daughter. The really weird thing is how long their marriage has lasted and how happy they appear to be. Maybe this was the one case where they really were meant to be together.

6 Roman Polanski

By this I mean, you can pick and choose. Polanski left the United States in 1978, following a guilty plea in which he admitted to having sex with a teenage girl. Specifically, she was thirteen. Accusations flew in 2010, from that victim and others. This whole case is convoluted, bizarre, and completely unsatisfactory in terms of adequate explanations or resolutions.

7 Mel Goes Nuts

Which should it be? His drunken, anti-Semitic rant or the whole voicemail debacle? Voicemails fell many celebs, just as Alec Baldwin. However, he seems to have bounced back. Not so much for Mel Gibson, but then, whether it’s provoked or not, he just keeps screwing up.

Celebrity scandals are definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I know, I know, but I own it. There’s just something about a juicy scandal, even though you never know the full story. Like say, some celebrity scandals ruin careers, but other debacles make them blow up big time. What are your favorite celebrity scandals?

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