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7 Celebrities I Would like to Hang with ...

By Melanie

Wow, if someone asked me which celebrities I could hang out with, I’d probably stutter at first, but then, if I think about it, I could easily come up with a list. Hanging out with celebrities is something that I never think about – you know, because I don’t think I would ever get the chance, so why should I think about it? Then, a part of me says that it is perfectly fine to dream and you never know when those dreams will come true. Now, I know a lot of you are not going to agree with me with this list, but that is okay, because we are all entitled to our tastes. Let me give you 7 celebrities I would like to hang with …

7 Eminem

I think it would be wrong not to add him to this list, since he is, after all, my favourite. I feel kind of funny saying I’d like to hang out with him, because the first thing some people think is that it’s because I am attracted to him sexually and that’s not true. I just like the point of views he has.

6 Paris Hilton

Somehow, when I think about Paris, I think about little dogs. Mind you, I like big dogs more than I like little dogs, but I don’t mind the little dogs she carries around.

5 Marilyn Manson

This guy may creep many of you out, but I read his book awhile back and really liked it. I always have an eye for the freaky side, so Marilyn Manson would definitely be on my list.

4 Miley Cyrus

Mind you, I would not get caught doing Salvia with her. I know how Salvia is – it won’t make you go out and kill yourself, because when you are on Salvia, you can barely even move and you flop around on the ground, but it’s still not something I am interested in. I’ll find some other way to find my 3rd eye. I would like to hang out with her, because I have some opinions I would like to give her.

3 Alecia Beth Moore

Alecia Beth Moore, better known as P!nk sounds like a lot of fun. She seems like that up front type of girl – not someone that is going to go out and backstab you.

2 Adrienne Frantz

Adrienne Frantz played as Amber Moore on the Young and the Restless. She is also a great singer. I think she would be a lot of fun.

1 Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne is my type of girl. So, of course, I am going to list her as number one.

No girls, I do not want to hang out with Justin Beiber – he’s just not my type, but if you do, that is perfectly fine – just don’t have a hissy that I left him off of my list – remember, this is my list, not yours. So, create a list of 5 celebrities you would like to hang with – I’ll be checking to see your list.

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