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5 Top Celebrity Insured Body Parts ...

By Diana

We may think it's a bit bizarre when celebrities insure their body parts, but imagine something going wrong with a singer's voice, a football player's arm, or a dancer's legs. Their body is a part of what they do for a living, so if something were to go wrong they might be out of a job. But I'm sure if something happened to J.Lo's butt she would still be able to sing, right?! Today guest blogger Bella from Cosmetic Surgery Guruis going to share with us the** 5 Top Celebrity Insured Body Parts, which one do you think is a little bizarre...**
Legs, Breasts, and Chest Hair...Oh What Celebrities will have Insured...
Buxom country singer Dolly Parton has insured her world-famous chest for a whopping $600,000 – that’s $300,000 per breast. The much-loved entertainer boats one of the most famous boob jobs of all time and has taken steps to insure her prize assets – but she’s not alone.

Take a look at these popular celebs that have insured their treasured body parts:

1 Holly Madison...

Blonde beauty Holly Madison had her cosmetically enhanced breasts insured for $1 million with Lloyds of London. The Girls Next Door star decided to take out the policy stating "If anything happened to my boobs, I'd be out for a few months and I'd probably be out a million dollars." At least Hugh Hefner’s ex won’t go bust should a mammary malfunction occur.

2 Rihanna...

Barbadian pop princess Rihanna was awarded Gillette’s Celebrity Legs of a Goddess award back in 2007 and went on to have her legs insured for a whopping $1 million. The hip-hop hottie’s perfect pins were declared delicious at NYC’s Metropolitan Pavilion and have been her most prized possessions ever since. This feisty female is certainly not ashamed to flaunt her beautiful body and her ever-shiny legs are definitely worth the money.


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3 America Ferrera

Believe it or not Ugly Betty star America Ferrera is actually more beautiful than we all thought and has a gorgeous grin to be proud of. The much-loved actress’s stunning smile was insured by New Aquafresh White Trays through Lloyds of London during a charity event in 2007 and her off-screen image was embraced by the tooth product company. Who would have thought she looked so amazing without those geeky glasses and metallic braces?

4 Tom Jones...

Rumour has it that Welsh singer Tom Jones has actually insured his chest hair for a stomach-churning $7 million. Whilst some men turn to hair transplants to get back their youthful looks, Tom’s dark, curly mop which pokes out the top of his shirts has become his trademark style over the years and is reportedly worth a lot of money. Who will throw their knickers at him after reading this bit of information?

5 Rod Stewart...

Maggie May singer Rod Stewart is thought to have insured his unique voice for the grand sum of $6 million. His gravelly tones have become renowned around the world, so it only seems sensible that he’ll get a pay-out if he loses his ability to sing. At least if he wakes up one morning sounding like Jimmy Carr he won’t have to worry too much about cash.

Celebs are renowned for having breast enlargements and Botox– but it seems they’re keen to get their body parts insured whether they've had work done or not.

Bella has been beauty blogging since her university days,now writing for cosmeticsurgeryguru.comshe takes an interest in all cosmetic surgery topics, from botched celeb surgery to ins and outs of procedures.

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