7 Awfully Outrageous Celebrity Trends I Hate ...


7 Awfully Outrageous Celebrity Trends I Hate ...
7 Awfully Outrageous Celebrity Trends I Hate ...

Celebrity Trends are getting a bit out of hand these days and, although I like to spend a lot of time trying to find pieces that would help regular folks pull off some of those celebrity trends on a budget, I must admit there are a lot of things I don’t really approve of! A LOT! So, before you spend half of your paycheck on Hollywood hot items, take a look at these celebrity trends I hate and make a not to yourself not to repeat these obvious mistakes:

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UGG Boots at All Cost

If you think introducing fashion laws and fashion police would be just another not particularly creative way to spend a massive amount of tax payer’s money then you certainly didn’t have a chance to “enjoy” one of the most popular celebrity trends – UGG boots worn with denim shorts, short miniskirts, girly dresses and other summer pieces! Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these boots supposed to be winter footwear? What’s the point of wearing them in summer? One tip for all celebrities sporting this trend and all regular folks trying to copy it – try sandals, your feet will both feel and smell a whole lot nicer. Just saying…


Moschino Belt at All Cost

You want a perfect example of how to ruin a perfectly good vintage piece? Well, look no further than Hollywood as you’ll see plenty of famous ladies struggling with this iconic belt! I could swear Kim Kardashian takes her Moschino belt off only when she’s about to take a shower but I’ll leave her alone this time because she gives a pretty good example of how to wear this fabulous, extremely popular piece. The lady I can’t quite figure out is Kelis and, although I like her unique (often questionable) style, I certainly don’t think Moschino belt is her thing.


Herve Leger ”Bandage” Dresses

Okay, here’s a simple question – if I see you somewhere, happen to like your style and decide to rip you off completely – how would you call me? Yes, the correct answer is “unimaginative idiot” and you don’t have to sugarcoat it one bit! But, oh, that can’t be said for 185,763 celebrities wearing the same dress! Don’t get me wrong, I love Leger’s Bandage dresses, I’ve been in love with them since the day I saw them but I just can’t tolerate any kind of “uniform” which is exactly what these dresses have become. We are talking about women who can afford ANY dress and, yet, some of them act like this designer and this style is the only available thing in the world! Hello? Creativity? Are you there?


Shoes That Don’t Fit Right

My grandma once said that the worst thing you can do to your mood is wear shoes that are one size smaller than you need and the worst thing you can do to your looks is wear shoes that are a size bigger! Oh, how I wish she had even the tiniest influence in the creation of celebrity trends! Let’s take Posh Spice, for example – now she is one super-stylish woman and I just can’t accept the fact that she doesn’t know her shoe size! But she’s not the only celebrity who tends to show up in public wearing obviously ill-fitting shoes and, if you take a closer look, you’ll realize there’s a lot more shoe suffering going on in Hollywood!


The Underwear Trend

“Underwear” – from the words “under” meaning below, beneath or covered by something and “wear” meaning attire, clothes, garments. Even the first graders know underwear is not and could never be a substitute for outerwear! I’m so glad this is one of those long gone celebrity trends because I seriously don’t feel comfortable with seeing that much of anyone but myself. Yes, Katy Perry, I’m talking to you – keep your clothes on, girl! And that goes for all the rest of you famous gals!


Hippie Trend at All Cost

Hippie trend is fun and casual which is exactly the opposite of what polish red carpet look is supposed to be like and, although I always support fresh, creative looks I somehow feel hippy headbands aren’t exactly “formalwear”. Think: Paris Hilton and her bedazzled headbands and you’ll have a pretty good idea on what I’m talking about!


Popular Pants at All Cost

Harem pants, MC Hammer pants and every variation, combination and permutation of this style has been a major trend in the past year or so. I don’t own a single pair because they just don’t look right on me but my gal pal does and she looks like million bucks whenever she wears them! Isn’t that the whole point, after all? Finding your own way to look stylish? Embracing only the trends that look good on you? Well… not in Hollywood! And while some famous ladies look pretty good in this often criticized piece, the only message the others are sending is “I need a diaper change”.

You know… I think I’ll just stop writing posts on how to incorporate celebrity trends into your style because, as you can see, not even ladies who help set them know exactly what are they doing! Which one of these celebrity trends do you hate?

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i love ugg boots dont get me wrong but not a celebrity wearing them

I agree with ugg boots, moschino belt and wrong size shoes!

haha i agree with everything on the list.. even tough i love ugg boots but wearing them in summer? hell no

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