8 Inspiring and Sweet Celebrity Marriage Proposals ...


8 Inspiring and Sweet Celebrity Marriage Proposals ...
8 Inspiring and Sweet Celebrity Marriage Proposals ...

Marriage Proposal Ideas can come from many places … even celebrities. Sure, some of their marriages don't last long, but most of them are wildly romantic while they're taking place. And there are many really happily married celebs who had fantastic marriage proposal ideas, so there's nothing wrong with taking a page out of their books. If you need some inspiration for your own marriage proposal ideas, check out these inspiring and sweet celebrity marriage proposals!

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Tom Cruise's Proposal

I'm not a huge fan of Tom Cruise any longer, but the man does know how to execute the kind of marriage proposal ideas that will steal a girl's breath away. He went all out when he asked Katie Holmes to marry him. The proposal took place took place at the top of the Eiffel Tower after a romantic dinner. I might have said “yes,” too!


Russell Brand's Proposal

So how does a raunchy British comic propose to a minister's daughter? While riding an elephant and viewing fireworks, that's how. Russell proposed on New Year's Eve. He and Katy (what's with all the Kates, by the way?) were visiting Jaipur, India. At midnight, they took a ride on an elephant – like you do – and Russell popped the question as fireworks exploded overhead. That really is romantic enough to be memorialized in a song.


Prince William's Proposal

Leave it to royalty to have some really romantic proposal ideas. For me, it would have been enough that when William proposed to Kate, he gave her Princess Diana's ring, a gorgeous sapphire number. No, he took it one step closer and did it at a cozy, intimate location in Africa while the two were vacationing at Manda Bay.


Nick Cannon's Proposal

It's kind of easy to wonder exactly what Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey really see each other, although they do seem incredibly happy. Knowing the literal and figurative sweetness of Nick's proposal makes it easier to understand. He presented Mimi with a Ring Pop – you know, the yummy lollipop candy. However, there was a real ring inside. So, Mariah, how many licks does it take to get to the killer diamond center of a Ring Pop?


Seal's Proposal

I love everything about Seal and Heidi Klum's relationship together. They are so in love! And there are worse things than looking for marriage proposal ideas from the man response for “Kiss from a Rose,” one of the most romantic songs ever. Seal popped the question in an igloo. Located on top of a glacier topping 14,000 foot, there are rumors that it was built specifically for the occasion. This makes me want to visit British Columbia post haste.


Stephen Moyer's Proposal

So how does a hot, blood-sucking hunk propose? That's an important question because although neither Stephen nor Anna Paquin are really vampires, of course, True Blood played a part in the proposal. During the first season of the show, Israel “IZ” Kamakawiwo'ole's song “White Sandy Beach of Hawai'i” was used. As a result, Stephen decided to ask Anna to marry him in Hawaii. Awww!


Dean McDermott's Proposal

I have to tell you, if you're looking for romantic marriage proposal ideas, Tori Spelling's books aren't a bad place to look. Dean has some serious ideas of romance. His proposal to Tori involved a carriage ride driven by a long-married, deliriously in love couple, in the rain (signifying rebirth and newness, according to said couple), down a path lit with hurricane candles. Who wouldn't say “yes” to that?


Pink's Proposal

While not conventionally romantic, I love Pink's proposal to Carey Hart. Not afraid to go after what she wanted, she popped the question via a sign while he was racing his bike. Although the “Will You Marry Me?” message didn't immediately make him stop, she anticipated this and flipped the sign over to reveal another message: “I'm Serious.” He stopped, he said yes, they married – beautiful! Although they've had their ups and downs, they remain one of my favorite celebrity couples.

Don't worry – neither you nor your would-be spouse need to look for marriage proposal ideas solely from celebrities. There are lots of places to find inspiration. The best marriage proposal ideas stem from what you know the other person likes. If you want to marry a music lover, proposing at a much anticipated concert would work, or you could slip a proposal between the pages of your literature lover's favorite book. The possibilities are endless! What do you consider the sweetest marriage proposal ideas?

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Tom Fletcher's proposal to Giovanna Falcone. He proposed on THE SPOT THEY FIRST MET. Complete with a romantic dinner. <3

pink's proposal was the best :,)

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