15 Celebrities We Have Loved and Hated at One Time ...


15 Celebrities We Have Loved and Hated at One Time ...
15 Celebrities We Have Loved and Hated at One Time ...

Celebrities are a magnet for strong reactions. We love them, we hate them. Their mercurial personalities and on-screen off/screen antics and choices send us on a rollercoaster of attitudes toward them. Here are some we’ve had a love/hate relationship with in recent times.

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Megan Fox

Megan Fox She was super hot, the guys loved her and women wanted to be her. Pictures of her sucking a cherry spread around the Internet like a plague and it looked like she was going to be the next top earning actress of a generation. Then we discovered her acting skills are acting-college standard, and suddenly all our love for her went out the window. Will she make a big comeback? Probably not unless public opinion changes.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Once the highest earning teenager in the world, she was beloved by millions. Then she wanted to show the world she was a big girl now, so she took off all her clothes and started acting like a drunk chick at a frat boy party, and she has been doing it ever since. Good luck future generations with this as your role model.


Rolf Harris

Rolf Harris Here is a genuine scumbag that we used to love. We watched him and cried along when he presented Pet Rescue, we bought his songs (for some reason) and we Brits even had him paint our queen. Then it turns out he is a child abuser and now the world rightfully hates his guts. He is one of the celebrities we have loved and hated when we should have just hated (but we didn’t know).


Cris Brown & Rihanna

Cris Brown & Rihanna They both go on this list because they are the reason each of them is both loved and hated. They were both great music artists, then he beats her up, she takes him back and sets the world’s worst precedent as a black role model since Richard Prior told the gay pride rally to kiss his ass, and now they are both clinging onto their careers like a tick clings to a heel-hound’s rump.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Thinking people knew she was a marketing campaign wrapped up in faux crazy camp, but young girls fell for it and loved it. She was loved by many, and some of her music wasn’t bad so she got away with it in the mainstream pop genre. Now she looks tired and has severely worn out her welcome. She used to be different, but now she looks like a crazy old lady that dyes her hair blue to get the attention of her grandkids.

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John Travolta

John Travolta Loved him in Saturday Night Fever, liked him in Grease, forgot about him for many years, loved him again in Pulp Fiction, cried for him in Michael, and then the rumors of him being gay started to weaken his position as a tough guy in movies. How does he react to these rumors, the same ones that nearly ended Tom Cruise’s career? He dressed in drag in the movie Hairspray! People loved the movie, but he is now the tough guy gone gay, and that juxtaposition is just too much for some people to handle.


Will Smith

Will Smith This guy is loved and hated depending on his most recent film. He seems to appear in five terrible films for every good one. We loved him in Independence Day, Men in Black I, I am Legend, and Pursuit of Happyness. After each of those his ratings when up and he was beloved by all that saw him, but he has such a habit of appearing in stinkers that you want to kick him. Hancock could have been great, but 45 minutes in it becomes a severely forced and illogical love story,


Britney Spears

Britney Spears Poor Britney, she was dragged into stardom as a kid and never stood a chance. The industry chewed her up and spat her out. She is a classic example of the celebrities we have loved and hated so much that these days she is just another sad celebrity story but one we all keep hoping will get better.


Kanye West

Kanye West He started kicking out a few tunes and people loved him, and then he became a self-professed egomaniac that genuinely believes he is mentioned in the Christian bible. When Taylor Swift was getting an award he walked on stage and told her and the audience that she was nothing compared to Beyoncé. Can you imagine the result if Justin Timberlake had walked on stage when Beyoncé was getting an award and told her and the audience that she was nothing compared to Taylor Swift? The media would have had his blood, and yet Kanye thinks he can get away with it because his gift blesses the people (wow).


Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson People loved his music, but even until his dying day, he couldn’t shake the pedophilia rumors. He was cleared in court so many times that one would think the rumors would die down but they never did. Did he do it? Probably not if you look at the court records (now released), but people hated him regardless.



Oprah She is loved right now, but her career has gone up and down so much it started to look as if she was going to rip apart at the seams. She is one of the celebrities we have loved and hated in our lifetimes, but she is riding high at the moment, so fingers crossed that she can keep it up.


Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck This guy has had such an up and down career that it was difficult to see him staying on the scene, but just recently he has started maturing as an actor and his work is becoming consistently good. He may have been hated at one time, but Ben is going up, and if he triumphs as Batman, then his career is going to reach new heights.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston When she was in Friends, she was absolutely adored and she even snagged the much beloved Brad Pitt. Then her ego started to grow and she suddenly started referring to herself as the star of the show. She demanded massive wages and insisted on being paid more than the people she worked with on both TV and in movies. She referred to her acting as art and started making demands on how her husband looked when he was around her. She even told him she would only have his kids when her career needed it. The public turned on her very quickly after her change from girl next door to Mariah Carey, especially when they saw how she massacred the movies she was in. Her husband left her for a woman that wasn’t so egocentric and Jen’s career has been hanging on by a thread ever since. Will Cake change that?


Robin Williams

Robin Williams He was annoying at times and it made people dislike him, but he was loved by millions, it is just a shame he had to die for people to remember it. I personally adored him.



Madonna She is now a legend in the entertainment industry. She has done some “things” to stay in the public eye that she shouldn’t be proud of, but she seems to know how to make people love her. It seems she is always been one of the celebrities we have loved and hated at the same time.

Which celebrities have taken you through the whole spectrum from love to hate?

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I don't love or hate "entertainers" anymore than I love or hate my Starbucks baristas. They're just people doing their job. Sometimes they do it well, sometimes they don't.

Well this was bull.... Lady Gaga is freaking amazing! And crazy wild colored hair? Umm have you seen her recently since she performed with Tony Bennett or perform The Sound Of Music? Clearly not. And John Travolta being gay? So f***ing what? How the hell does that make him look less macho?! You're a judgmental turd to be so rude.

Girlny you skipped important ones, kim kardashian should of been #1 on the list for sure, justin beiber, just to mention a few

I definitely agree with you on Kanye West. His ego is the size of jupitar!

For people to even repost this, it's really sad.

Can I unsubscribe from your writing somehow? After looking into the writers other articles I really have zero interest supporting her narrow minded home phobic, abuse promoting, victim shaming thoughts.

Terrible "article" filled with half truths and bigotry.

Great article!! Everything is so true!


Will smith? Lady gags? Robin William? John travolta? Omg this is ridiculous!

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