15 Celebrities Who Look like Other Celebrities - See It to Believe It ...


15 Celebrities Who Look like Other Celebrities - See It to Believe It ...
15 Celebrities Who Look like Other Celebrities - See It to Believe It ...

There is a surprising amount of celebrities who look like other celebrities, far more than I would have ever thought! I tried not to list the ones that everyone has seen on these lists over and over again like Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel, and I’ve added a few that you may not have noticed before. I've always been fascinated with people who are unrelated yet still look so much alike. Let me know what you think of these celebrities who look like other celebrities!

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Keira Knightley & Natalie Portman

Keira Knightley & Natalie Portman As far as celebrities who look like other celebrities go, Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman definitely fit the bill. In Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace, Knightley played Portman’s lookalike and it was said that when both were in full makeup, even their mothers had a difficult time telling them apart.


Amy Sedaris & Kristin Chenoweth

Amy Sedaris & Kristin Chenoweth These two actresses both have the wonderful ability to look either crazy or beautiful on any given day. They look like they are sisters with the same exact smile and very similar eyes. I think the dimples play a major role in the similarity of their faces.


Kyra Sedgwick & Julia Roberts

Kyra Sedgwick & Julia Roberts To me, these two lovely ladies look like one in the same! Their faces are remarkably similar; they look like they could be twins! They have the same eyes, nose and distinctive mouth. They also share a lot of the same mannerisms. These two are definite doppelgangers.


Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Roberts are both iconic American actresses. Sedgwick is best known for her portrayal of Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson in the hit crime drama The Closer, while Roberts is best known for her roles in Pretty Woman, Erin Brockovich, and Ocean's Eleven. Both have been recognized with Academy Award nominations for their performances. While they may not be related, their physical similarities are remarkable. They share the same eyes, nose, and mouth, and also have similar mannerisms. It's no wonder they have been dubbed doppelgangers.


Oliver Jackson Cohen & Jake Gyllenhaal

Oliver Jackson Cohen & Jake Gyllenhaal Whoa! Could these two possibly look any more alike? Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely glad that there are two such handsome looking men in the world! Their eyes, hair, eyebrows and facial hair and bone structure are nearly identical, it’s amazing!


Johnny Depp & Skeet Ulrich

Johnny Depp & Skeet Ulrich Personally, I wish EVERY guy looked like Johnny Depp, but Skeet Ulrich comes about as close as we’re going to get, I think! Both of these men have those gorgeous cheek bones. While their jaw lines might be a bit different, their facial hair and those to-die-for eyes really show their similarity.


Eric Dane & Leonardo DiCaprio

Eric Dane & Leonardo DiCaprio Look at these two handsome men! While they don’t look as much alike as some of the others on the list, they definitely have a similar look about them. It’s hard to believe they aren’t related! I think it’s the shape of the face and the similar hair cut, but it definitely has a lot to do with those pretty blue eyes of theirs!


Amanda Seyfried & Dakota Fanning

Amanda Seyfried & Dakota Fanning Amanda Seyfried and Dakota Fanning are two of my favorite actresses and they look remarkably alike! I think it is entirely because of the innocent looking faces with the big, bright blue eyes. These two are gorgeous girls and talented actresses with bright futures ahead of them.


Amanda Seyfried and Dakota Fanning have both been in the entertainment industry since a young age, with Seyfried starting her career as a model and Fanning as a child actress. They have both gained critical acclaim for their roles in various films and have become known for their striking resemblance to each other. Both actresses have stunning blue eyes and a similar innocent charm that has often led to them being cast in similar roles. Despite their similarities, they have managed to establish themselves as unique and talented individuals in Hollywood.


Elijah Wood & Daniel Radcliffe

Elijah Wood & Daniel Radcliffe To be honest during my early years, I believed that Elijah Wood and Daniel Radcliffe were the same person. However, can you really blame me? They share the exact same big blue eyes, same face structure and body type, they are basically a facsimile of each other. Just take a look yourself!


Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon- Levitt

Heath Ledger & Joseph Gordon- Levitt Their unmistakable similarity really makes me wonder if they are somehow related. Although Heath Ledger has more of a prominent forehead and nose, the insignificant differences have no affect on their uncanny similarities. If one day I got the chance to see them both in real life, I would think that they are the same person just on a different day.


Both Heath Ledger and Joseph Gordon-Levitt have captured the hearts of audiences with their compelling performances, but their physical resemblance is what has sparked conversations. From their similarly shaped eyes to the contours of their jawlines, it's hard not to do a double-take. Heath's locks and brooding presence in roles contrast with Joseph's boyish charm, yet it's this blend of features that cause many to pause and marvel at the thought that nature can conspire to create such doppelgängers in the world of glitz and glamour.


Ian Somerhalder & Chace Crawford

Ian Somerhalder & Chace Crawford Ian Somerhalder is no stranger to the idea of dopplegangers, but did was he aware that he has one in real life? Both of the CW co-network stars share the exact same eminent eyebrows, piercing eyes and flawless jawline. Good thing they are not on the same show, because that would cause a whole lot of confusion!


Kris Humphries & Taylor Lautner

Kris Humphries & Taylor Lautner You might know one of them from his short marriage with Kim Kardashian and the other from The Twilight Series. However, have you ever put a picture of the two of them side to side? If you have you were probably shocked at the ridiculously apparent similarity between the two of them. They really do have the same werewolf-like appearance that is hard to miss.


Kris Humphries, best recognized for his brief nuptials with reality TV starlet Kim Kardashian, and Taylor Lautner, known for his role as the heartthrob werewolf Jacob Black in the Twilight saga, might just have you doing a double-take. Sure, they're from entirely different worlds - one's an NBA athlete, the other a Hollywood actor - yet their strikingly similar chiseled features and intense gaze are undeniably akin. This uncanny resemblance seems to transcend their public personas, making them an unexpected but spot-on match in the celebrity doppelgänger department.


America Ferrera & Jordin Sparks

America Ferrera & Jordin Sparks These two celebrities are so similar that you would probably have a hard time pointing out the differences between their facial characteristics on the pictures. The two talented starts share big luscious lips, bronze skin color and brown eyes. You would have to be blind to deny, their strong resemblance.


Despite their distinguished careers in different arenas of the limelight, America Ferrera, known for her lead role in "Ugly Betty," and Jordin Sparks, the powerhouse American Idol winner, could easily pass as sisters in Hollywood's family tree. It's not just their captivating smiles that fuse their lookalike status but also their similarly shaped eyebrows and the way their hair cascades in soft waves, a match that would surely do a double-take in any star-studded event. Their twin-like appearance is just another fascinating reminder of nature's playful hand in the world of celebrity.


Emily Osment & Carrie Underwood

Emily Osment & Carrie Underwood How did I not see that these two people are the exact replica of each other in the past? These two gorgeous ladies could seriously pass for identical twins. It really is a small world for connected people in the same business industry to look so much alike!


Upon closer inspection, you'll notice the subtle similarities between Emily Osment and Carrie Underwood that make them seem almost interchangeable. Their facial features, particularly those piercing eyes and warm smiles, bear a striking resemblance. Both have enjoyed the spotlight, Emily lighting up screens on Hannah Montana, and Carrie dazzling audiences since her American Idol win. While they’ve followed different career paths, Emily in acting and Carrie in country music, it’s uncanny how much they look like long-lost sisters when side-by-side. It's a testament to nature's whimsy that these doppelgangers found fame in the same glittering world of entertainment.


Lauren Conrad & Carmen Electra

Lauren Conrad & Carmen Electra You can't really make a list of celebrity look a-likes without mentioning Lauren Conrad and Carmen Electra. I wouldn't call these two split-images of each other but the similarity is definitely there. They could pass for sisters without a problem!


Tilda Swinton & Conan O'Brien

Tilda Swinton & Conan O'Brien You though that celebrities of the same gender were the only ones with secret twins? Well you were greatly mistaken, just take a look at Tilda Swinton and Conan O'Brien, they are like the same person born twice. Even the stars themselves are shocked at their similar appearances. Conan O'brien once said that he would like Tilda to play his in his autobiography and Tilda herself didn't refuse!

A couple of these pairs I had never really realized looked so much alike. I found many, many more lookalike duos than I had expected to. Some of these folks look so much alike that if they were swapped into their counterpart's role in a movie, I may not even notice! What two celebrities do you think look the most alike? Do you know of any celebrity lookalikes that I missed?

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Natalie is way prettier lol no comparison

avicii and nicholas hoult!!

A nice article ;)

@Lauren yep! Definitely :) I mentioned them right in the first paragraph. It's like they were twins separated at birth!

These are good

amy adams and isla fisher!!! thats the most basic common one that has not been included!! its soo obviousssss!!

So trueeeeeee

leo is hotter, sorry streett

why did i say street? i meant eric

If you listen to a couple of Emily Osment's songs (like average girl and lovesick) and then listen to Carrie Underwood's song, Before He Cheats, they actually sound the same too! It's so weird! Emily has a unique way of singing and you can definitely hear it in Carrie's voice too

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