7 Fabulous Celebrities Wearing Crop Tops and Rocking It ...

Celebrities wearing crop tops makes me want each and every one of their outfits. This trend is so hot right now as it is being worn on the streets of NY and even on the red carpet. You can easily rock this too, and the below ladies all show how and when it is appropriate (which seems like anywhere for some!). The list of celebrities wearing crop tops could go on and on, but these leading ladies really stand out to me.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

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This girl totally trumps my list of celebrities wearing crop tops. This girl is rising to the top fast and no one is stopping her. That comes to her fashion as well. She has been seen wearing crop tops a lot lately while battling the massive heat wave in New York. Most recently, J Law wore a great crop top sweater to this years Comic Con with an equally great white wrap skirt.

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