15 Best Celebrity Friendships That Didn't Last Forever ...

It seems that celebrities are not that different from us — they get involved in family drama, break ups and are even part of celebrity friendships that didn’t last forever. Sometimes it’s even harder for them to keep a tight friendship under the microscope and spotlight, to the point when fallouts are inevitable. But their fallouts seem to have a pattern of being caused by jealousy! Here are 7 celebrity friendships that didn’t last forever... and the main reasons why!

1. Katy Perry and Rihanna

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Katy Perry and Rihanna, who once used to be one of the closest best friend duos, are no longer on speaking terms due to a disagreement on Rihanna’s reconciliation with Chris Brown. Perry thought that Rihanna made a huge mistake and without a surprise, she was right! Nobody wants to stick around while his or her best friend stays in a toxic relationship, which is why this is one of the celebrity friendships that didn’t last!

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