7 Most Scandalous Celebrity Twitter Feuds That Will Evoke a Facepalm ...


There have been many instances of celebrity Twitter feuds blowing up before the whole world and it’s been quite interesting to see them take jabs at each other, 140 characters at a time. We all love to see our favorite celebrities express themselves on Twitter and connect with their fans, but when things get heated… that’s when twitter gets REALLY interesting! Missed out on all the drama? Don’t worry! Here are 7 most scandalous celebrity Twitter feuds.

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One Direction Vs. the Wanted

One of the most recent celebrity Twitter feuds was between One Direction and The Wanted, who couldn't find peace in boy band land after One Direction’s Zayn Malik called Max George a 'geek' on Twitter. From that moment, things began to blow up with members of the bands taking jabs at each other’s singing ability, looks, and careers. It got so bad that the Wanted suggested a boxing match between the bands!


Rihanna Vs. Ciara

The feud between two singers started when Ciara thought that Rihanna blew her off at a party in 2011. In response she blasted Rihanna on TV and tweeted, "Trust me Rihanna you don’t wonna see me on or off stage (sic)." Rihanna did not sit quietly and replied with, 'Good luck booking that stage you speak of. (sic)". Ouch! But don’t worry the two singers had a change of heart and made up through Twitter.


Amanda Bynes Vs the World

It seems like nobody is safe from Amanda Bynes on Twitter anymore! We all have been aware of her recent downfall accompanied by irrational tweets, racy pictures and sudden change in her appearance. It even seems like she found a new hobby of attacking people like Miley Cyrus, Barack Obama, Rihanna and many other Hollywood stars via Twitter. Somebody needs to get through to this girl!


Cheryl Cole Vs Cher Lloyd

Despite Cheryl Cole and Cher Llyod being inseparable on The X Factor, the two are now officially at war after Cher Lloyd criticized her mentor’s singing by accusing her of relying too much on auto-tune. Cheryl Cole sent a warning tweet saying, "Be careful who you kick on your way up… They kick you twice hard on your way back down.. #unappreciationisugly (sic)." I’ll side with Cheryl Cole on this one!


Justin Bieber Vs Patrick Carney

This Twitter war started when Patrick Carney said that the rich pop singer didn't need any Grammy awards. Justin Bieber didn’t hold back and tweeted to his millions of followers, "The Black Keys drummer should be slapped around haha (sic)". As you would expect, his followers decided to defend their idol and bombarded Patrick Carney with hateful tweets!


Kourtney Kardashian Vs Farrah Abraham

Shortly after Kourtney Kardashian announced her pregnancy with her second child, the Teen Mom star tweeted, "Im schocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again, did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe it’s fake pregnancy like kims wedding SAD (sic)." Kourtney Kardashian retaliated with "Why would I have anything to do with teen mom? I’m 32 years old! I may look young honey, but don’t get it twisted (sic)." Yikes!


Chris Brown Vs Rihanna

We all know that Chris Brown and Rihanna have an ongoing abhorrent cycle of breaking up and making up. During their last break up Chris Brown took it upon himself to tweet, "She’s not mine if she’s everybody else’s (sic)." The accusation of Rihanna’s involvement with several other men offended the singer so she tweeted, "Got a thang for King, but chu ain’t a King!!! (sic)." Maybe it’s time to end this noxious relationship for good?

Social media seems to be the center of attention when celebrities decide to take their brawls public! What do you think is the most memorable celebrity Twitter fight so far? Share with us in the comments!

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I'm confused by the (sic) thing too. @Elanra @Hovk K does it mean emoticons? Is that what your post means?

That was very entertaining xD I love 1D

Who cares about those people, I don't know any of them

Some people are more prone to it than other people... Like me but I don't have any mental shit like that all. Some people even get it from smoking too much weed like a family friend did (that shocked me)

What does sic mean

Amanda Bynes was incredible in hairspray. My favorite thing about any type I celebrity article is usually reading this type of stuff. I don't know why but I enjoy it.

That's the reason I don't like 1D or the wanted. It's petty crap! Fighting over twitter?!? That's stupid and immature. You're both role models, millions of people look up to you! Is this the message you want to be sending. Because if it is you should be ashamed

ok Justin needs to just not like at least Patrick has talent and he can't even call him by name no it's "the black keys drummer" so disrespectful like Patrick was just joking and he's right though too Justin doesn't need another Grammy specially if he isn't even that good

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