7 Wealthy Celebrities Who Thrift Shop and Are Proud of It ...

Despite million dollar movie deals, chart-topping singles and stardom in the spotlight, there are celebrities who thrift shop. Whether itโ€™s the thrill of the hunt, the potential for unique secondhand style options or affordable clothing for ever-growing children, these financially savvy stars hit the thrift store just like us. So forget about the Ferrari for a minute, or the entourage of stylists and personal assistants. Check out these 7 wealthy celebrities who thrift shop with pride.

1. Macklemore

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Since blowing up the charts with his mega-hit โ€œThrift Shop,โ€ one might assume that the socially conscious rapper Macklemore might have abandoned his frugal pastime. Think again. Ben Haggerty, aka Macklemore, still enjoys poppinโ€™ tags for thrift store fashion. And when it comes to celebrities who thrift shop, Macklemore opened the door to serious secondhand swagger.

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