8 Celebrities with Excellent off-Duty Style ...

Celebrities With Style are a favourite for fashion magazines and websites. We’re often emulating the looks of our favourite celebrities with style, and it’s a big selling point for brands when a celebrity is spotted in their clothing. While some celebrity looks are obviously styled by professionals, it’s when celebrities can put together looks that are just as good, if not better, than their professionally styled ensembles that you know they have true fashion cred. The following are a few celebrities with style to admire.

1. Kate Bosworth

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Her relaxed, laid-back off-duty outfits make Kate one of the most popular celebrities with style. Some of her most notable off-duty looks are those worn when she is attending the popular Coachella music festival. Her wardrobe is quite covetable, and many of the outfits she is seen in are quickly emulated by fashion savvy females the world over.

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