7 of the Most Amazing Redhead Celebrities ...


7 of the Most Amazing Redhead Celebrities ...
7 of the Most Amazing Redhead Celebrities ...

I dyed my hair red last year and it made me appreciate these redhead celebrities so much more. Having red hair does something to your personality where you feel more bold and empowered. These redhead celebrities embrace their red hair and use it to stand out from the crowd. While there are tons of celebrities who rock the ginger look, these are a few of my personal favorite redhead celebrities.

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Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts The first time I watched “Pretty Women” I couldn’t focus on anything besides how Julia Roberts was one of the most beautiful redhead celebrities in Hollywood. It was such a fiery red to match such a fiery personality. That role launched her into stardom, and while she has dyed her hair a handful of times, she has always returned to her awesome redhead roots.


Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore She is acclaimed for her incredible acting skills, but I love Julianne Moore for her incredible hair color. She has been in every type of movie from comedy, to dramas, to cult classics like The Big Lebowski. What I find so amazing about her is that she has never once dyed her hair for a role. She adapts her bright read hair to the roles she is playing rather than changing it. That is very different than many actresses these days, which I respect her for.


Geri Halliwell

Geri Halliwell This one is a throwback to my childhood. Geri Halliwell, better known as Ginger Spice, is a perfect example of a redhead who embraces her bright bold hair. She even named her Spice Girls name after her hair. She embodies a fiery redhead with a bold personality, and wardrobe to match. She was always known as the strong Spice Girl who wouldn’t let any man intimidate her. She recently changed her hair to blonde, and she looks fabulous, but I will always remember her as one of my favorite redhead celebrities.


Gillian Anderson

Gillian Anderson She may not be the most well-known of the many redhead celebrities, but she is one of the fiercest. She is best recognized as Agent Dana Scully in The X-Files where she was a kick ass and brilliant FBI agent. I love Anderson because she is such an incredible role model. She showed her audiences that you can be smart, beautiful, and not need a man by your side to feel fulfilled. She is everything I admire in a woman.


Florence Welch

Florence Welch With a beautiful voice and even more beautiful hair, Florence Welch is one of my favorite redheads. Her bright locks are a perfect contrast to her pale skin. Welch makes the most of her red hair by using it as an accessory to her eclectic wardrobe. She balances the brightness of her hair with lighter dresses with a fantasy-inspired twist.


Jessica Chastain

Jessica Chastain I dyed my hair red last year and people told me I look like Jessica Chastain and I don’t think I have ever been more flattered. She was recently chosen as the face of Dior, and for good reason, she is beautiful. She can be fierce, like in Zero Dark Thirty, and cute and feminine, like in The Help. No matter what role she is playing, Jessica Chastain has such grace that I admire.


Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball I decided to finish this list of most amazing redhead celebrities with the most iconic redhead of them all. Although “I Love Lucy” was shot in black and white, there is no denying that Lucille was one of the original redheads. I love her not only for her fiery hair, but her humor as well. She managed to make generations of people laugh without ever being crude, rude, or overtly sexual. And I respect her so much for that

Whether it is natural or from a box, there is something so special about redheads. They have a fiery hair color, and usually a personality to match. What I love so much about these redhead celebrities, they use their hair color to stand out from the crowd and make them unique. Even with some many incredible redhead celebrities, they all use their bright hair a bit different to match their unique personalities. Do you love these redhead celebrities? Who are some other great redhead celebrities? Do you love red hair or do you prefer blonde or brunette?

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Debra Messing?

Nicole Kidman. (Practical Magic)

Karen Gillan? Lana Del Rey?

Lucille Ball was gorgeous and had a fabulous wardrobe. Hands down the winner!!!

Tori Amos

Karen Gillian! :D

Christina Hendricks!

I thorough Julia Robert was a brunette ?

Let's have another old school redhead....Rita Hayworth

I find redheads particularly fascinating, fiery, sultry, beautiful people

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