11 Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Twins That'll Surprise You ...

One of the most mind-blowing moments you’ll have today is discovering all the celebrities you didn’t know were twins. It’s actually kind of crazy to think about. I mean, where have these twin sibs been hiding? Whatever the case is, I was totally fascinated by this all. If you’re prepared for some major “WHAT?!”’s then take a look at the list of celebrities you didn’t know were twins.

1. Scarlett & Hunter Johansson

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Seriously, Scarlett and her brother, Hunter, couldn’t have been any more genetically blessed. He left the spotlight to his sis but is always arm-in-arm with her at red-carpet events! Yeah, you won’t find him on any movie screens but don’t count him out just yet. Hunter has been really successful: he was President Obama’s campaign organizer in Denver! I guess incredible accomplishments go along with those incredible Johansson looks for this sibling duo. The list of celebrities you didn’t know were twins just keeps getting better!

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