11 Awesome Celebrities You Didn't Know Could Sing ...

Maybe it’s one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets, but there are actually a bunch of celebrities you didn’t know could sing! These A-listers can rock not only the big screen, but a stage too. I guess if you’re talented, you’re talented in all aspects, right? Take a look at some of the awesome celebrities you didn’t know could sing. You’d be surprised at who might become your new fave musician!

1. Chris Pine

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Star Trek’s leading man actually has the voice of a country angel! Yes, that’s the only comparison I can think of. He showed off a very impressive voice in 2010’s Small Town Saturday Night, where he played Rhett Ryan, an aspiring country singer. As much as I love staring at him on the big screen, I definitely wouldn’t mind hearing this sweet voice on any country radio station! If you’re ready to melt, watch the movie. It’s totally swoon-worthy and makes him number one on the list of celebrities you didn’t know could sing.

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