7 Celebrities Who Found Success Later in Life ...

With all of the young celebrities that are popular today, you may be wondering if there are any celebrities who found success late in life. Well of course there are, and they are some of the most talented and beloved personalities! Here is a motivating list of celebrities who made it big later in life.

1. Alan Rickman

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Kicking off this list of celebrities who found success late in life is Alan Rickman. «Harry Potter» fans will know this celebrity well as the ever-mysterious Severus Snape. What you may not know, though, is that Rickman owned a graphic design agency before he started working in British theatre. Talk about a career change! His stage career catapulted in the 1980s when he won a Tony Award at the age of 39, and he became a recognizable face when he scored a role in the movie «Die Hard.» Rickman solidified himself as a stage and screen actor later in life.

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