7 Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...


7 Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...
7 Dramatic Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...

There have been some really dramatic celebrity weight loss stories over the last few years. Some of them have been inspiring, while others have been a little scary. Many celebrities who have lost weight have gained some of it back, but some of them have been able to keep off. Here are 7 dramatic celebrity weight loss stories that we have seen.

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Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson has become a big inspiration for a lot of women. She was able to lose about 60 pounds after becoming a spokesperson for Weight Watchers. She has gone from wearing a size 16 down to wearing a size 6. Hudson has been able to maintain her weight for the past few years. She does admit that she still struggles to stay in control and maintain her current weight, which actually helps a lot of women relate to her - and that's why she's at the top of my list of the dramatic celebrity weight loss stories.


Trisha Yearwood

Trisha Yearwood Trisha Yearwood is quick to admit that keeping the weight off is hard. She says that she has tried just about every diet imaginable, but has never been able to stick to any of them. Recently she lost 30 pounds, which she attributes to eating low calorie and doing Zumba. Yearwood has been able to keep the weight she's lost off for almost a year. On her current weight loss plan she eats healthy about 90% of the time and indulges in whatever she wants the other 10%.



Oprah We have watched Oprah's weight fluctuate over the years. Back in the 80s she dropped down to around a 140 pounds, with the help of weight loss drinks. In more recent years, her weight has been around 200 pounds. She has publicly admitted that she has a thyroid condition called hypothyroidism. This condition is the primary cause of Oprah's struggles with her weight. After years of different diets, Oprah now says that she is more concerned with being healthy, rather than being super thin.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson Like many moms, Jessica Simpson struggles with her weight. She admits to gaining about 70 pounds with her first child. After giving birth, Simpson became a spokesperson for Weight Watchers and lost about 40 pounds on the plan. Before she was able to get down to her goal weight, she became pregnant with her second child. Right after her having her second baby, she rejoined Weight Watchers. She now says that she is taking her weight loss battle week by week.


Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey Many women would consider Matthew McConaughey the perfect man. On most days he eats right, works out and looks great at 185 pounds. Recently, he dropped 50 pounds for a movie role, which shocked a lot of people. In order to lose weight, McConaughey says that the foods he ate were healthy, but he didn't eat much of them. Shortly after the movie wrapped, he started regaining some of the weight and plans to get back to his original weight.


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Kelly Osbourne has lost an amazing 70 pounds in the last few years and almost looks like a different person. She claims that she did not go on a diet, but learned to eat right and exercise. Like everyone else, Osborne still has food cravings and indulges in them now and then. She does say that if she is going to eat something unhealthy, she eats it for breakfast. This gives her time to burn off the calories that were in the food.



Snooki Snooki looks a lot different now than she did just a few years ago. While on Jersey Shore she weighted about 145 pounds. She now weighs 96 pounds. Some critics say that she is too small, but at only 4' 9" tall, Snooki says she feels great. She claims she was able to lose almost 50 pounds with the help of a personal trainer and extreme workouts.

Even though celebrities have access to just about any weight loss tool imaginable, many of them still struggle with their weight. I think this makes them a little easier to relate to. What do you think about celebrity weight loss? I would love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

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Kelly o too

I had anorexia for about 2 years until I was 10 I went up on my weight I was also in hospital for a year I felt so weak to even go to go to school

Everybody forgets the behind-the-scenes of celebrity weight loss. Last time I checked the everyday woman cannot afford a live-in personal chef and personal trainer to keep them eating right and keeping them in shape.

An interesting article would be 7 Dramatic a Celebrity Weight again Stories Leonardo Di capris anyone ?

Jordan Spark

Jennifer HudsonJessica Simpson Matthew mcOprahSnooki. Motivation

Yippe snooks !

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