19 Celebs with Fantastic Hair I Wish I Had ...


19 Celebs with Fantastic Hair I Wish I Had ...
19 Celebs with Fantastic Hair I Wish I Had ...

Have you ever seen celebs with fantastic hair that you just want to have yourself? It's almost like their hair is another accessory and it always looks great! While a lot of them have a ton of people to always make sure that it looks great, some of these celebs with fantastic hair just have great hair. Emma Watson? I love her hair! Jessie J? She's got incredible hair! If you want to see the other girlies that I have a huge crush on all because of their hair, give a look below and then leave me some comments on whose hair you are jealous of!

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Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis Who in their right mind doesn't love Mila? I love everything about her! From how short she is all the way to her friggin' hair! Not only do I love the girl's hair, but her personality is amazing too. If you aren't in love with Mila, I have no idea what's wrong with you! This is one of the very top celebs with fantastic hair that I absolutely love.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie Another girl that I can't get enough of and that really has it going on is Angie. She's got hair that people dream of and I can't imagine her without it! Whether she is a blonde with short, short bangs or she has her hair tied back in a ponytail like in Tomb Raider, I love her hair!


Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington Oh Kerry, she is not only one of the best dressed celebs out there, but her hair? It's incredible! She does so many different things with it, I can't even imagine. I love it when it's straight, when it's flowing and when it's pinned back. No matter what Kerry does with it, it always looks amazing!


Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba Jessica is one of those celebs that a lot of people don't think about, but I think that she is adorable. Not only because of her hair, but I also think that she is very, very pretty. Her hair though? It's one of my favorite pieces of her! Whether she has it short or long, it always looks polished and beautiful!


Emma Watson

Emma Watson I've watched Emma grow up on Harry Potter and now that she has branched out into the fashion industry, I think that she is so, so perfect! Whether she has her hair short or she has it long, I don't care! I love any hairstyle that she chooses and I absolutely love the way her hair looks overall, it's beautiful!


Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway Now, I am not the hugest fan of Anne, but I do love her hair. I think that the darker hair looks way better than the blonde, but that is just me. My favorite hair on Anne is when she was in Love and Other Drugs. It was kinky-curly and ever-so-beautiful!


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston What list of celebs with the best hair would be complete without Jenny? This celeb has been on every best hair list in the world and I can't leave her off now! She's still got great hair and while I know there is a team behind that hair that makes it looks awesome all of the time, it's still incredible. I love the color, the shape and the beauty of it!


Blake Lively

Blake Lively Now, I am not the hugest fan of Blake, however, I can tell you that I do love this girl's hair! Not only is the color really pretty, but it's also so shiny and she can seriously do any style and it doesn't look bad – and it always looks flawless! You want hair like Blake? Me too!


Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts Julia Roberts is constantly changing up her hairstyle and I love that about her! Whether her hair is crazy with curls or it is pin straight, I absolutely love her hair any way. I also love that she isn't scared to try different colors! She tries to find what works best and what looks best.



Adele Adele is one of those beautiful women that is not only not scared to have curves, but I love her personality and I absolutely love her voice. She is so strong in everything that she does and her hair? It's incredible! Truly girls, she's got some of the best hair out there!


Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham Victoria is one of those trend-setters that is constantly setting the bar with her hairstyles. I actually have one of her hairstyles, the angled bob, and I love it! Her hair in general though? It's beautiful! It's so crush-worthy and it's also oh-so-shiny, no matter what color it is!


Jessie J

Jessie J Now, I love this girl's voice – and her hairstyle! Her hair is so, so shiny! It looks amazingly soft, so manageable and her bangs always look so cute. Wouldn't you love to have her hair?


Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese There is something about the vintage style that Dita brings to the table that has me constantly looking to do victory rolls in my hair! Not only does she always look so polished, but her hair always looks splendid.



Rihanna What list would be completely without Rihanna? Her hair is totally one of my favorites, no matter what style she does. My favorite style has to be in the video of Umbrella though, I love that angled bob!


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson Scarlett is another fantastic actress that has great hair. I think it's in her genes! Wouldn't you love to have those amazing locks of hers? I know I would!


Kate Moss

Kate Moss I always thought that Kate Moss was one of the most beautiful people in the world, but her hair is incredible. I love the way it looks all of the time and she can seriously do a ton of different styles with it!


Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Another shiny-haired girl is our dear Kate! Not only does her hair always look flawless in the best ways, but it's so shiny and the styles that she does are beautiful! Wouldn't you love to have Kate's hair?



Madonna Whether she is bright blonde or a lighter brown, I love Madonna's hair no matter what she does with it. I love that nowadays, she's going with the curly hair too, it's so, so pretty!


Katy Perry

Katy Perry Finally, I am always so jealous that Katy Perry's hair always looks amazing. Not only does she switch up the colors a lot – which I love! – but I love the fact that she's willing to go green or purple or blue with her hair!

So girlies, now that you know all of the celebs that I absolutely love, do you have any more celebs that you have a hair-crush on? Share 'em with me!

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Nicole Scherzinger

Amanda Seyfried!

Jessica's photo looks so photoshoped!

Jesse J

Miley cyrus

I think jennifer all the time,great cutting and layer

I noticed there was no ginger women! I personally think Julliane Moore has got really nice hair her colours dead nice and it's not flat :) I should be on this list but... I'm not famous haha

I think most of those celebrities works hard for such beautiful hair n its nt natural.but i love their hair.i wish i cud gt my hair dne like them

These people have beautiful hair, but it's because they can have a stylist style it everyday. It's not fair to compare yourself to them

This is a bit unfair. I can honestly say that I was blessed with extremely good, thick and silky hair. People always comment on it and I'm asked all the time if I have extensions etc. it's better then all these pictures and its 100% natural. It's very unfair to post this because, just like another reader mentioned, almost all of them wear extensions and have tons of people around them to make the look like that. They have experts who use only top products and good tricks to make them look the way they do when it comes to everything. For normal people like the rest of us, it's a huge challenge because we feel the pressure to look skinny, have makeup on 24/7, have perfect hair, designer clothes etc etc etc and we are sitting there wishing all that and feeling miserable when we don't have it all. I'm sorry but most people don't walk around with millions of dollars in their account. Many worship celebrities but if you strip them down of all mentioned above, they would be just another average Joe

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