19 Celebs with Fantastic Hair I Wish I Had ...

Have you ever seen celebs with fantastic hair that you just want to have yourself? It's almost like their hair is another accessory and it always looks great! While a lot of them have a ton of people to always make sure that it looks great, some of these celebs with fantastic hair just have great hair. Emma Watson? I love her hair! Jessie J? She's got incredible hair! If you want to see the other girlies that I have a huge crush on all because of their hair, give a look below and then leave me some comments on whose hair you are jealous of!

1. Mila Kunis

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Who in their right mind doesn't love Mila? I love everything about her! From how short she is all the way to her friggin' hair! Not only do I love the girl's hair, but her personality is amazing too. If you aren't in love with Mila, I have no idea what's wrong with you! This is one of the very top celebs with fantastic hair that I absolutely love.

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