9 Obnoxious Celebrities Who Really Need to Go Back to Charm School ...


Money can buy a lot of things - a yacht, an island, a big golden statue of yourself - but unfortunately for these obnoxious celebrities, it can’t buy you class. Don’t get me wrong – I like a lot of these guys, I’m not hating on them, just their behavior. They’re very talented people, and definitely not all bad. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have rude habits that make the rest of us think, "Just... why? Why would you do that?" Read on for some obnoxious celebrities who really need to take a few remedial classes in manners.

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JUSTIN BIEBER Yep. Sorry Beliebers. The Biebs makes this list of obnoxious celebrities because of his recent bout of un-gentlemanly-like antics. Photos are bouncing all over the Internet of him peeing in a mop bucket, but that’s not the worst of it. In July he was photographed spitting into a crowd of loyal fans waiting below his hotel balcony... and then having a big old laugh about it. He also has a habit of turning up hours late to concerts. It’s bad enough keeping one friend waiting in a cafe – but 10,000 people in a stadium?



MILEY CYRUS I respect her right to control her image, and she’s got a phenomenal voice. However, Miley Cyrus seems to be a little too anxious to shed her good-girl image, and it’s hard to look away from all the over-the-top-crazy things she is doing. Considering a huge contingent of her massive fan base is still very young, it all seems a bit extreme: tasteless nude photos and naked videos, sticking her tongue out at every possible moment, twerking on a married man and grossing all of us out with that big foam finger... Miley, it’s very clear to all of us that Hannah Montana is dead and buried. We know she’s never coming back - you don’t have to prove it!



KANYE WEST Stealing Taylor Swift’s hard-earned moment of happiness at the MTV Awards was sure to land him a place on this list, but it’s Kanye West’s crazy God complex that cements it. The man has a track on his new album Yeezus (a play on Jesus) called I Am A God, with lyrics like, "I know He's the Most High, but I am a close high." I mean, come on... seriously?!



NAOMI CAMPBELL Well known for her nasty temper, Naomi Campbell served five days of community service for physically assaulting her housekeeper over a pair of jeans, and has openly admitted she has a terrible temper. I don’t really need to say much more, as violence (especially towards those in your service) is inexcusable and a one-way ticket to charm school.



CHARLIE SHEEN Charlie Sheen also has serious problems with manners – in that, he has none. His super-crazy/arrogant public meltdown showed the world just how mean he could be to people who had helped him to make it big on Two and a Half Men – calling show creator Chuck Lorre a "maggot" and co-star of many years, Jon Cryer, a "troll." Among other things, he also used a homophobic slur to describe the people gathered at his new club in 2012, and insulted Two and a Half Men replacement Ashton Kutcher, saying that he was "tired of pretending [Kutcher] doesn’t suck." Though he later apologized to Kutcher, it’s all too little, too late. It’s clear Mr Sheen needs to go back to charm school and learn that if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!



PARIS HILTON Paris Hilton gets a full scholarship to charm school for her efforts in dissing former friends. She laughed in the background as male friend Brandon Davis called one of her former celeb friends "disgusting" and "poor" to the press, and publicly humiliated former BFF Kim Kardashian by saying of her famously curvy derriere: "It’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag." Ouch, Paris! You can’t insult a girl’s booty like that. You’ve broken the girl code... off to school with you!



MICHELLE MCGEE Had an affair with a married man (Jesse James, then husband of Hollywood darling Sandra Bullock), then broadcasted it shamelessly. She’s now the spokeswoman for a new dating website for cheaters, and when she was photographed wearing a Nazi uniform, refused to admit that it was racist or show any sensitivity towards its obvious anti-Semitic overtones. Overall, a terrible etiquette report card. May need to repeat a few years.



MEL GIBSON He’s gone on well-publicized racist and sexist rants that put him in the Hollywood doghouse, and allegedly attacked then-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. He has apologized for the rants and alleged abuse since, and seems to have tried his hardest to make amends. But even if he apologized a million times, I still think it would be a good idea for him to go back and join the class and re-learn some manners.



RONAN KEATING I actually have a personal story about Mr. Keating that puts him on this list. A work colleague recently booked an interview with him for specific time. She waited for his call, but it never came. No explanation, no rep calling up to re-schedule, just radio silence. She waited four hours and finally someone got back to her. Treating someone like their time isn’t worth as much as yours is bad form. But I can’t do it justice... Mr. Keating said it best, when he said nothing at all!

And that’s it – my list of celebs I think need to take a trip back to charm school and learn how to treat the people around them with respect and kindness. Do you have anyone you think I should add to the roll? Maybe you have a personal experience with celeb rudeness? Either way, make sure to let me know which celebs you think need to be taught a thing or two about manners!

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...i like mel gibson

I like miley, she hasn't been rude with anyone before. She's just doing what her manager is telling her to do.

Rihanna needs to be on this list

lol these types of articles are created when people are really gullible. someone on the internet writes that he peed in a bucket, and everyone believes them. where's the proof?

Rihanna should be on the list because she's been late to concerts, plus she also hit one of her fans on the head with a microphone once

I disagree with the first one first of all he DID NOT spit on his fans I would know, my friend was there herself. He has gone through so much hate and he loves his fans so much. All that hate gets to a person and he's trying so hard. The media is always portraying him as a douche and finds the most irrelevant things to post on a magazine, blog, etc. I'm pretty sure all of his haters don't like him because he's the Justin Bieber. If only you knew all the great things and all the good deeds he does that the media doesn't post because they want him to look bad. I've had enough with this crap. He is a smart and good person.

I believe all of this as true

Why didn't Chris brown make this list lol

I agree with the rest expect #1

I agree with all of them

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