7 Talented Celebrities You Didn't Know Could Sing Really Well ...

We all love celebrities for so many reasons, which could even include celebrities you didn’t know could sing well. It may come as a surprise that some of these celebs are multi-talented. Or you may have heard that they had beautiful voices on your own. Either way, check out the voices of some of them on my list of celebrities you didn’t know could sing well that’ll surely keep you entertained!

1. Robert Downey Jr

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Here’s a good one for my list of celebrities you didn’t know could sing well: Robert Downey Jr.! He is best known for his role as comedic, genius playboy superhero Iron Man, but did you know he actually has an amazing singing voice? If you saw him sing on Oprah a few years ago or on popular TV show Ally McBeal, then you might know what I’m talking about. And, for those who haven’t, his voice is soulful, sultry, and dreamy. I am a big fan of Robert because of his nonchalant attitude, and hearing him sing so beautifully just made me fall even more in love. Check out his song that he did with Sting called “Driven to Tears.”

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