15 Celebrities People Love to Hate - Who is Yours?

There are so many celebrities people love to hate. I mean, these people have hashtags devoted to the hatred they inspire. Understand that I am not passing judgment on the following celebrities, although I have tried to discover just why people hate them so much. Many times I get it, even if I don't agree with it or feel the same way, but in some cases, I can't really understand all the hate. Where does it come from? Maybe you can chime in with your opinion on the biggest celebrities people love to hate.

1. Anne Hathaway

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Anne Hathaway is currently one of the most popular celebrities people love to hate, and they hate her with a vengeance. The recent award show circuit seemed to take things up a notch, with people on Twitter actively devoting their time to explaining just why they hate her. Many of them don't even know and admittedly have no real reason, but the majority of haters seem to think that she comes off as insincere. They accuse her of playing the role of Anne Hathaway, of acting like she's humble rather than being humble, and of basically emoting through her entire life as if she's on stage. I see that sometimes, but although I'm not the biggest Hathaway fan, I don't think she deserves all of this. What's your take?

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