9 Celebrities with Trend-Setting Hair to Copy Happily ...

Over the years celebrities with trend-setting hair emerge on the scene and cause a tidal wave of hair crushes and happily-copying fashionistas. These are the hairstyles that everyone loves to see, and vies to try out. Though you may not think β€œI can pull that off,” there is always a way to look equally fabulous. So, here are 9 celebrities with trend-setting hair that I love, that’ll hopefully give you some inspiration.

1. Rihanna

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Rihanna is a trend-setter is so many ways. Though I don’t always agree with the styles she wears, you have to admire her quirkiness, I suppose. But, her hair is a whole other story. People flock to hair salons to copy some of the styles she’s had. From the vibrant long red hair, to the asymmetrical bob, or the short black pixie cut, or the beach blonde waves, this girl always proves that she is one of the celebrities with trend-setting hair who remain firmly in the spotlight.

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