11 Worst Celebrity Tattoos That Make Us Cringe ...

Celebrities live a public life and get judged for every move that they make, but they don’t make it easier on themselves when they get some of the worst celebrity tattoos! Don’t get me wrong: I love tattoos! But I think nowadays people are less careful with what they get, hence the misspelled tattoos or having to remove the names of their ex-boyfriend/girlfriend. So if you are contemplating getting a tattoo, go through this list of the worst celebrity tattoos first before making a decision!

1. Cheryl Cole

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The singer got a massive tattoo of roses located on her lower back that covered an old tattoo of a butterfly, which supposedly had a deep personal meaning of a fresh start… Well, so much for that. Although the whole concept of roses on your back sounds great, the humongous size of it and positioning are definitely not flattering and don’t compliment her gorgeous physique! I wish it wasn’t true, but this is one of the worst celebrity tattoos.

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