Top 9 Celebrity Mug Shots ...


Top 9 Celebrity Mug Shots ...
Top 9 Celebrity Mug Shots ...

Celebrity Mug Shots bring a uncanny smile to my face. Call me Gary Busey Crazy, but don’t they make you feel all gitty inside, like maybe, just maybe, they are no different than you and me. Let these Celebrity Mug Shots be a reminder that we normal people, are better off without the enlarged bank accounts and big bubba security. Be thankful our faces are not making the tabloids each and every week. Enjoy my favorite 10 Celebrity Mug Shots:

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Bill Gates

He maybe the richest man in the world, but he apparently doesn’t know what a stop sign is. Bill Gates was arrested in New Mexico in the 1977 after a traffic violation. In 1975, Gates was caught speeding and driving without a license. Then in 1977, Gates ran a stop sign still without his license. Then again Gates allegedly was involved in, without charges laid, a collision with a vehicle which ran a stop sign. Is it just me or does Bill Gates look as if he is all of 12 years old in his Mug Shot?


Heather Locklear

In 2008, Heather Locklear was arrested and released in Santa Barbara. She was detained for suspicion of driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Locklear had been pulled over by Highway Patrol after paparazzi had reported seeing the actress driving erratically. A blood test detected no alcohol or narcotics, but what they believed was that the prescription medications she consumed could have impaired her ability to drive. On January 2, 2009, Locklear had pleaded guilty to one charge of reckless driving, a misdemeanor, and the lucky lady has the judge dismiss the DUI charges.

Frequently asked questions

A mug shot is a photo taken by the police when someone gets arrested. It usually shows the person's face from the front and side.

Celebrities have mug shots for the same reasons as other people - if they get arrested for breaking the law, they have their photo taken by the police.

Yes, in many places, mug shots, including those of celebrities, are considered public records and can be shared with the media and the public.

People can have different reactions. Some may be surprised or disappointed, while others might not care. It often depends on the situation and the celebrity.

Mostly, yes. If a celebrity is officially booked or processed by the police, they will usually have a mug shot taken.

It can. Sometimes it hurts their public image and career opportunities, but other times, it doesn't have a big impact. It depends on the celebrity and the situation.

Celebrities can get arrested for all sorts of crimes, just like anyone else. Common reasons include DUI (driving under the influence), drug possession, and disorderly conduct.

Generally, no. If they're arrested, they have to follow the same process as anyone else, which includes having a mug shot taken.

After the arrest, a celebrity's mug shot can be entered into a police database and might be shared with the media or end up on the internet.

People might be curious about celebrities' lives, or they might be surprised to see a famous person in trouble with the law. It can also be big news that gets a lot of attention.

Removing a mug shot from the internet can be hard because it can spread quickly and be posted on many websites. In some cases, it's possible to have images taken down, but it's not always successful.


Larry King

Larry King had been arrested in Miami on December 20, 1971. Charges of grand larceny which had stemmed from a deal he had made with Louis Wolfson. Louis was a Wall Street financier and a major thoroughbred race horse owner and breeder. Wolfson was convicted of selling unregistered stock in 1968 and Larry King had promised to overturn Wolfson’s conviction. King had planned on this by arranging a unusual investigation with US Attorney General John Mitchell. It’s also said that Wolfson paid King $48,000 for this investigation, but he never came through on the promise and didn’t return the money.


Paris Hilton

One of my favorites, proving that it doesn’t matter who your daddy is. Miss Hilton had been arrested for drunk driving in September of 2006. Hiltons license was suspended for 36 months, fined $1,500, and had to attend an alcohol education course. Caught again, driving on a suspended license in January of 2007. Just prior to the judge issuing her another penalty, she was caught again in February. Hilton had been driving at night, without her headlights on at double the legal speed limit. Way to go Paris, you have proven to us again, you are that stupid. At her hearing, in May, the judge sentenced Paris to 45 days in jail for violating probation, failing to attend an alcohol education course and for being beyond dim-witted.


Nick Nolte

This Celebrity Mug Shot, haunts me at night. Nick Nolte arrested in September of 2002 on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs. Really, drugs? Weird…. his Mug Shot shows nothing of the sort. Nolte had been pulled over after driving carelessly. The officers who stopped Nolte said that he was completely out of it, complete with drooling on himself while being arrested. It was later proven, thanks to tests, that Nick was under the ‘date rape’ drug. Pretty sure if the women interested would have just asked, he would have been down for anything?


James Brown

In January of 2005, James Brown was pinned with a $106 million lawsuit by his former assistant who stated that Brown had raped her at gunpoint in 1988. His lawyer says that the woman’s claims had been dismissed as frivolous by the judge in 2002. Why he got off is beyond me, James Brown has been arrested more than 10 times, for theft, drugs, assault and sexual harassment since the age of 16. Why would the judge think he was innocent this time? Maybe he gave him free tickets to his show. We will never know the truth I guess. Maybe it’s better this way.


Zsa Zsa Gabor

In 1989 the nine time married, Zsa Zsa Gabor was arrested and put in jail after she slapped a Beverly Hills Cops. Maybe someone should tell her that she needs to keep her hands to herself, just because she was crowned Miss Hungry in 1932 doesn’t mean she can get away backhanding Law Enforcement. This Celebrity Mug Shot makes me jealous a little, does she have no fear? Smiling for your Mug Shot without a thought of what comes next, makes me envious for her ignorance.



Nicole, Snookie, Meatball… whatever you know her ask, needs to lay off the liquor. On July 30th, 2010, Law Enforcement tells us they busted Snooki for disorderly conduct. She was placed under police custody for partying on the beach while drinking with a beer bong. I think Snookie should call herself lucky, the things that she has done in her lifetime and only made it to jail once, she should count her lucky stars.


Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf must have thought he was still filming the movie Transformers in July of 2008. Driving like he was trying to get away from the Decepticons, Shia was arrested for drunk driving just after being involved in an early morning car accident. Law Enforcement say it was extremely apparent that LaBeouf was intoxicated and placed under arrest instantly.

So what have we all learnt here today, after seeing my top 9 Celebrity Mug Shots? Don’t shoot for the stars… Stop dreaming of your future fame… look where you’ll end up. Striving for your name in lights will only get them behind you flashing blue and red. If you fail to listen to my advice, you may just find yourself throwing up your profile, too -- or have you already?

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Shia Labeouf still looks hot there...

Discouraging people to "shoot for the stars" just because of a few idiots is wrong. I know of plenty celebrities who have NEVER been arrested, and then there are also plenty of "normal" people who have been arrested MANY times! These celebrities haven't been arrested because of their fame, it was their own silly decisions. Something that anyone could be guilty of regardless of their status in society.

Hungary not Hungry... ;)

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