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10 Most Embarrassing Celeb Moments You've Got to Hear about ...

By Lisa

As much as I love to read about celebrity gossip, embarrassing celeb moments come in at a close second. Celebrities appear to live a charmed life with their glam squad and loads of disposable income but in reality, celebs are just like us and fall victim to Murphy’s Law and just plain madness on occasion. See if your favorite celebrity flub made this list of embarrassing celeb moments!

1 Christina Aguilera

These days Xtina is sitting pretty as a judge on The Voice, but do you remember when she totally forgot the lyrics to the National Anthem at the Super Bowl? To make matters worse, she also messed up the lyrics to an Aretha Franklin song and fell during a tribute to the soul singer at the Grammy’s. Ouch! I bet she was wishing she really was a genie in a bottle after those incidents.

2 Jason Russell

So Jason Russell might not be a celebrity, but he became a public figure with the wildly popular Kony 2012 film he created. Many celebrities and people worldwide were spreading the word about Joseph Kony while Russell was having a very public and very naked meltdown on the street in San Diego. As much as I hope Russell’s mental health improves, this was definitely a noteworthy embarrassing celeb moment.


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3 Ashlee Simpson

I love SNL because it combines comedy with live musical performances but I don’t think Ashlee got the memo regarding the live musical performance part. Simpson was a musical guest on SNL and filmed lip-synching lyrics to the wrong song then danced around and walked off stage. She blamed gastric issues and her band members for her celebrity screw-up but I think it’s safe to say it was her.

4 David Hasselhoff

You can’t help but hassle the Hoff with his corny songs and his ultimate embarrassing celeb moment, the drunken cheeseburger video. Hoff’s daughter filmed the 80’s hunk in a drunken stupor, shirtless, crawling on the floor of a hotel room trying to eat a cheeseburger. As his daughter was trying to get his to see the errors in his ways, UK company Pipex dubbed him «King of the Internet.» C’mon now, we don’t need to reward bad behavior!

5 Britney Spears

Brit Brit also had a very public meltdown where she was seen with a shaved head and umbrella in hand ready to fight the paps. I think everyone was shocked to see a pop princess go rogue. This cringe-worthy celebrity moment was painful to see yet we couldn’t stop watching and waiting to see what she would do next. Luckily, Britney is back on track with her life and career and is in a much more stable relationship now.

6 Beyonce

Beyonce is a true triple threat in my opinion and she might have taken the dancing part too far while she was in concert and fell down a flight of stairs, rolled to the stage and landed flat on her face. Sasha Fierce said the show must go on and Beyonce finished her performance like a pro. Later she kindly asked her fans to not post her tumble on YouTube!

7 Mel Gibson

After his notorious racist and misogynistic rant that was recorded by his baby’s mama Oksana Grigorieva, I think we all saw Mel for what he truly was-a creep! I don’t think much that can be said in Mel’s defense, but it was definitely one of the most embarrassing and self-incriminating celebrity moments. I used to think of Mel as a happy-go-lucky guy who was a decent actor but anger management and therapy come to mind when I think of him now.

8 Fergie

Fergie Ferg had the ultimate embarrassing celebrity moment while performing in San Diego and peed herself on stage. The Fergalicious One said she was running late to the concert and didn’t have time to relieve herself prior to taking the stage and tried to hold it. Tsk tsk, I know you’re a busy woman but I’ve never been to a concert that started on time; couldn’t you tell Will.I.Am to cover while you did the deed?

9 Charlie Sheen

Lifelong bad boy Charlie Sheen had some disagreements and choice words for Two and a Half Men producers Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronsohn and he quickly spiraled out of control. Sheen turned his drug and alcohol fueled outbursts into a tour where he talked about winning, goddesses and drinking tiger’s blood. Although this train wreck of a situation was a total celebrity blunder, many people ate it up and supported his blow-up.

10 Tara Reid

Tara Reid seemed like such an innocent sweetheart on American Pie but then she became this hardcore party girl America was constantly talking about. One of her most memorable celebrity blunders is her infamous boob slip at a red carpet after-party. She looks blissfully oblivious in the photo that captured her almost topless. Blame it on the Goose, it obviously had her feeling loose!

As you can see, celebrities aren’t exempt from bad days but theirs is preserved by pictures and articles like this! So the next time you feel like crawling into a hole from humiliation, think of these embarrassing celeb moments, it should make you feel better!

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