17 Worst Celebrity Tattoos ...


17 Worst Celebrity Tattoos ...
17 Worst Celebrity Tattoos ...

Celebrities get away with a lot of stuff and although their celeb status gives them a pass to do crazy stuff, I had to put some of these stars on blast for having the worst celebrity tattoos ever! No matter how cool the celeb, a bad tattoo can instantly change your opinion of someone from hot to not. So if you’ve ever gotten some ink that you regret, check out these 17 worst celebrity tattoos and feel better!

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Ke$ha Pop tart Ke$ha decided to send the world the message “Suck It!” via her lips and got what has to be one of the worst celebrity tattoos ever, not to mention the most painful! I love Ke$ha’s party girl attitude but you’ve gotta wonder what she was thinking when she approached the tattoo artist to get this pop culture proverb permanently inked on her inner lip!



Rihanna This songstress is known for her ever increasing collection of tats but her one of her latest additions gets my vote for being a bad celebrity tattoo! Most of Ri’s ink suits her personality and style, but getting “Thug Life” tatted in pink ink on your knuckles just looks odd! I love Tupac just as much as the next guy but the pink ink looks like a bad homemade tattoo gone way wrong!



T-Pain T-pain reportedly commemorates all of his trips to Hawaii with a new tattoo and this tat surely deserves a spot on the list of celebrity tattoos gone wrong! T-Pain’s tattoo simply says “You don’t have to like me,” complete with the infamous Facebook thumbs up "like." He must have a lot of faith in Facebook and if I were him, I’d stick to Autotune!


T-Pain is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer from Tallahassee, Florida. He is known for his unique singing style and use of Auto-Tune. He has released six studio albums, three compilation albums, and two EPs. He has also collaborated with many other artists, including Lil Wayne, Chris Brown, and Flo Rida.

T-Pain's tattoo is located on his right shoulder and reads “You don’t have to like me” with a Facebook “like” symbol. The tattoo has been widely criticized for its poor design and choice of placement. It is considered one of the worst celebrity tattoos, and many believe it is an example of T-Pain's lack of judgment.


Bam Margera

Bam Margera I loved watching this Jackass star pull pranks on his crazy uncle Don Vito, but his tattoo featuring his uncle’s face is unquestionably one of the worst celebrity tattoos to date! The tattoo artist did a decent job capturing the likeness of the oddball, but surely Bam could’ve gotten something more meaningful and less bizarre than Don Vito’s face on his leg! I hope Don Vito appreciated the thoughtless gesture!


Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson Mike Tyson is one of the original celebrities with bad tattoos and shocked the world with his Maori tribal tattoo around his left eye in 2003.Tribal tattoos look cool but do you really want to immortalize anything at all on your face if you’re not even part of the culture? It made for a pretty funny scene in Hangover 2 but can you imagine the family photos once he’s in his golden years?!


Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere Oh Hayden, I hate to have you on this list of the worst celebrity tattoos because I like the look and idea behind your tattoo, but the tattoo artist should’ve used spell check before committing anything to ink! Hayden got the phrase “live without regrets” in Italian. It should be “Vivere senza rimpianti,” but the tattooist threw in an extra “i,” misspelling "rimpianti" as "rimipianti." Oopsy! It still looks nice though!


Kat Von D

Kat Von D Love can cause us to do a lot of strange things but one lesson I’ve learned from celebrities, namely Kat Von D, who has another one of the worst tattoos, is to never get someone’s name or face tattooed on yourself! Kat was once head over heels for bad boy Jesse James and got his childhood portrait inked on her rib cage, only to part ways with him months later. Good thing Kat’s got a lot of other tattoos so this one is less noticeable!



Steve-O Why oh why would someone do this?! Steve-O, from Jackass, has a self portrait on his back! Talk about loving yourself! I think this takes it to a whole other level. Then again, this isn't the first questionable thing that Steve-O has done, so maybe it's no big deal to him. Luckily a shirt is all he needs to cover up this mess!


Steve-O, the star of Jackass, is no stranger to outrageous stunts and body modifications. He recently took it one step further by getting a self-portrait tattooed on his back. The tattoo features a cartoon-like image of Steve-O's face, complete with a tongue sticking out. It's unclear why Steve-O chose to get this tattoo, but it's certainly one of the worst celebrity tattoos out there. Luckily, he can cover it up with a shirt if he ever needs to. Steve-O's tattoo is a reminder that celebrities, like everyone else, should think twice before getting a tattoo, as it's a permanent decision.


Zosia Mamet

Zosia Mamet I was surprised to find out that this is real! Unfortunately this tattoo could have been really cute if it had been on another part of her body. This Girls star chose to get a heart tattooed on her hand, though who knows why she would do that. Heart tattoos can be super cute and adorable in the right place, but talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve!



Eve This is one tattoo that has always confused me! I'm sure this has something to do with being strong or some other meaning, but it just looks weird! First off, the placement of the tattoo is confusing, but the bear claws are just weird. There's not much to say about this tattoo other than: why?!


Ryan Cabrera

Ryan Cabrera Okay, so Ryan Cabrera isn't a big celebrity but at one time he did have a hit song on the radio and was hanging out with the Simpson family (Ashlee and Jessica, not the cartoons). I'm sure that there is some sort of reasoning behind this tattoo, but I doubt there's any reasoning that could justify it. Why in the world would someone get a tattoo of Ryan Gosling?! I mean, yes he's nice to look at, but make him the background of your phone or something that can be changed!


Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri It's not too weird for people to get tattoos in honor of people that they are in a relationship with. This of course doesn't mean it's something that should be done since there is a chance that your relationship may not last, but it's not completely out of the ordinary. What is very odd is to get a portrait of your girlfriend as an angel, which is exactly what Jermaine Dupri has done for his ex girlfriend, Janet Jackson.


Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole Okay, Cheryl Cole isn't too big of a celebrity here in the states, but in the UK she's pretty well known. It doesn't matter if you're a celebrity or where you're a celebrity, this is a horrible tattoo! Why would you get a tattoo on your rear end? Then again, a lot of people get small tattoos there, but a huge tattoo that also covers part of your back? That's just not a good look.



Cher Another bum tattoo (and yes, the pun was intended). Cher is one of the last people I would associate with having a bad tattoo, yet here she is with a horrible tattoo. It seems like, similar to Cheryl Cole, Cher has gotten flowers tattooed on her derrière. At least Cher had the common sense not to cover a giant section of her body with it!


Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice Vanilla Ice appearing on this list isn't surprising to me in the least bit. He has the words "Wide Open" tattooed across his fingers, which begs the same question as many of the tattoos on this list: why?! Vanilla Ice is another person who has made some questionable decisions, but who knows, maybe he has some reasoning behind it.


Dean McDermott

Dean McDermott Here's nother guy who got a tattoo of his significant other. At least in this picture Tori Spelling isn't tattooed as a saint on Dean. I'm sure Dean had good intentions for getting the tattoo on his arm, but it's a very sexy picture of Tori and in all honesty it's pretty cheesy. If you ever plan on making the mistake of getting a portrait of your significant other, at least make it tasteful!


Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane Gucci Mane’s wacky ice cream face tattoo might be the worst of the celebrity tattoos gone wrong! Shortly after being released from a chemical dependency treatment facility, the rapper get a triple scoop ice cream cone complete with red lightning bolts tattooed on his cheek. What makes the tat even “cooler” is that the word “Brrr” is inscribed on the cone. There should be a mandatory waiting period for people wanting face tattoos.

Here’s proof that celebrities have temporary lapses in judgment just like us with these worst celebrity tattoos! I hope there are huge advances in tattoo removal for the sake of these celebs! Which tattoo do you think is the worst? Did I miss your favorite bad celebrity tattoo?

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Reguarding Kesha's inner lip tattoo, lip tats actually fade and completely disappear in a matter of 5-8 years. So its still a long time to have "suck it" on her lip but its no where near permanent. But 1 agree its a sucky tattoo....

I like the Suck it, and as for Hayden, oh well, it's not that big of a mistake.....

You are all wrong about eve\'s tat. That\'s the only one that I don\'t think it\'s bad at all. Lol

Zain Malik has a tattoo that is a life size of a microphone

GUCCI Mane ...by far the worst

No justin beiber tattoos? Have you seen them? They look like a 7 year old Drew them on with a sharpie. And that\'s being nice about it

Cool stuff! ;)

Wow cone on your face man? And Rihanna's tat in pink does not look good on her and she is a beautiful woman too.

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