17 Worst Celebrity Tattoos ...

Celebrities get away with a lot of stuff and although their celeb status gives them a pass to do crazy stuff, I had to put some of these stars on blast for having the worst celebrity tattoos ever! No matter how cool the celeb, a bad tattoo can instantly change your opinion of someone from hot to not. So if you’ve ever gotten some ink that you regret, check out these 17 worst celebrity tattoos and feel better!

1. Ke$ha

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Pop tart Ke$ha decided to send the world the message “Suck It!” via her lips and got what has to be one of the worst celebrity tattoos ever, not to mention the most painful! I love Ke$ha’s party girl attitude but you’ve gotta wonder what she was thinking when she approached the tattoo artist to get this pop culture proverb permanently inked on her inner lip!

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