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7 Celebrities Who May Have Had Plastic Surgery ...

By Gillian

Surprisingly (or maybe not), there are tons of celebrities who may have had plastic surgery but have never come out to say yes or no. There are tons of pressures in that industry which will of course get to you after time, but is surgery the answer? According to some celebrities, yes it is. I can't decide whether the below celebrities who may have had plastic surgery did or didn’t.

1 Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer AnistonI love this girl, but she is topping my list of celebrities who may have had plastic surgery. The Friends star has been dealing with this rumour since she first came into fame. The beautiful actress has been said to have gone under the knife to get a nose job. Some people have said that if she has had one, it is the best in Hollywood. Her nose does look very natural and almost the same as when she was younger, just a little thinner at the bridge.

2 Kim Kardashian

Kim KardashianThis reality starlet has denied countless times having had anything done to her face. If you look at before and after pictures, it is pretty obvious that she had something done. It seems that she has had a nose job and some sort of facial fillers to make her cheeks higher.


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3 Nicki Minaj

Nicki MinajThis is a touchy subject for the star as she has denied having anything implanted in her behind. It looks pretty obvious that she had help in that department, but she continues to deny the rumours. There have also been rumours she has had something done to her face. There really is no way of telling if she has or hasn’t… what do you think?

4 Megan Fox

Megan FoxSome reports say that Megan has had $60,000 worth of work done – Botox, fillers, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, etc. – but her rep denies it. I really can’t see anything other than something done to her face when you look at her now. She has published pictures on her Twitter making creases on her forehead and saying how could she have had work done when she can crease her skin?

5 Blake Lively

Blake LivelyIf you look at some older pictures of Blake, her nose was a tad longer and thicker. Her ‘new’ nose looks much better with her face and fits the shape perfectly. She has denied ever going under the knife but experts have said that it is pretty obvious.

6 Nicole Richie

Nicole RichieThis chic has been through a lot in her lifetime, and that includes fluctuating weight. She used to have a very slim figure with not a lot to her, but recently the starlet has stepped out with a fuller, more natural frame. Along with this new look has come new boobs. No one is certain if the star has had some help in that category, and she has never denied nor said yes to these rumours.

7 Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer LopezThis diva might have had some help with her beautiful face. Not only have there been rumours about her nose, but really about her whole face. Lots have speculated that Jenny from the block has had a nose job, face life and even some fillers put in. She has reportedly had tons of work done over the years, although she denies it. Let's be serious, no one has a forehead that wrinkle-free over 40.

Again, these are all speculations that have been circulating around these celebs for quite some time. No one of these leading ladies have come out to say whether they have or haven’t, but rather dismiss the allegations altogether. I really can't decide whether they have or haven’t, what do you guys think?

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