7 Celebrity Style Icons Who Have Earned Their Title ...


7 Celebrity Style Icons Who Have Earned Their Title ...
7 Celebrity Style Icons Who Have Earned Their Title ...

Lets start out with saying that a list of celebrity style icons can be different for everyone, so if your favorite isn’t on this list, don’t be alarmed. Everyone has a different style, but this is a list of ladies that I personally think have earned their title as icons in their own way. This is my list of the new and up and coming celebrity style icons (lets NEVER forget about Audrey, Grace and Katherine though!)

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Victoria Beckham

This is pretty self-explanatory; Vic is (in my eyes) the biggest celebrity style icon. Vic has come a long way from her days as a Spice Girl, and has since made a very successful fashion line, The Victoria Beckham Collection. She has graced many many covers in her day, and always looks classy yet on trend. Rarely seen wearing flats, the star is usually donning a tight a-line dress, the highest heels she can find and the biggest sunglasses ever made.



This girl can rock anything that is unique, and barely there. The singer is always making a statement in her own way, and makes her own rules for fashion. Not only is she memorable in the fashion world, she is also a style icon in the hair world. After RiRi cut her hair off in 2007, everyone was asking for a short do.


Blake Lively

This beautiful blond always looks spot on and in trend. I can’t recall a time that she hasn’t looked put together, yet she always looks so effortless and comfortable. It all started with Gossip Girl of course, which taught the actress a lot. She has graced the cover of Vogue, is Christian Louboutin's muse and has been the face of Chanel.


Sarah Jessica Parker

The definition of a style icon is someone who takes risks, and SJP is known for that. After rocking a Mohawk at the Met Gala, she had everyone talking. Her outfits are rarely cookie cutter and that’s what makes her such an icon. After her Sex and The City days, she continued to wear amazing yet different clothing on and off the carpet.


Angelina Jolie

Everything Angelina does is with uber-confidence and works every asset she has. Usually seen wearing all black on her down time, she still looks chic running errands with her kids. When she steps onto the red carpet, you can’t help but stare at her timeless beauty and her effortless class. She is by far one of the biggest style icons.


Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

They come as a package, and that package is fierce and trend setting. Once they graced the Soho streets with their boho chic look, everyone followed suit. Not only are they making their own rules in the fashion world, but also people are listening and copying their every move. With three different labels, these girls know what works for their body and for women all over the world.


Daphne Guinness

Not only is she a style icon, but she is also the heir by direct descent of Arthur Guinness, the 18th-century inventor of the beer, Guinness. She is THE girl to know in the fashion world. Daphne spent two years mounting an exhibition of a hundred displays of her clothing, which was staged from her other projects, film and modelling. She is courted by many of the best-known names in fashion such as Karl Lagerfeld, NARS, MAC, Akris, Gareth Pugh and Philip Treacy, working with them artistically or as a model. Her best-known friend was the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

There are ladies like GaGa to Selena Gomez who have really impacted people’s fashion choices. I decided to not place them on this list as I think they are just known as Fashion Icons. Some of the above ladies have really worked in the fashion world and have EARNED their spot there. Is there a celebrity style icon that you look up to for fashion choices?

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Agree with everyone on this list I just don't know who daphne Guinness is

I look up for fashion choices for miranda kerr she's definitely amazing

The Olsen twins need to be at the top of the list.

Highly doubt Rihanna, Blake, or Angelina actually *worked* in the fashion industry...

Gwen Stefani should definitely be on here. She works super hard and is very dedicated to fashion, she has her own line and celebrities love her line.

I really love katy Perry's style it's so unique even when she is off stage

Should be titled "7 celebrity style icons who's personal stylists are worth their pay checks"

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