9 of the Best Celebrity Style Transformations ...


9 of the Best Celebrity Style Transformations ...
9 of the Best Celebrity Style Transformations ...

Restricting this list of the best celebrity style transformations to only 9 was pretty difficult. Throughout the years, so many celebs have changed their fashion. Luckily for us, their every outfit has been documented! Take a look at my pick for the best celebrity style transformations.

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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart K-Stew ditched her shredded t-shirts and had one of the best celebrity style transformations. At first, her laid-back looks screamed "Hollywood will never change me!" which was pretty cool. However, I grew kind of tired watching her be this glamorous and extremely talented person on the big screen and a converse-wearing girl on the red carpets. Don’t get me wrong, her edgy looks are perfect for just running errands! But, I’m so glad she’s shelved the sneakers in exchange for stilettos! Sitting front row at all the major fashion shows lately seems to be rubbing off on her everyday looks!


Katy Perry

Katy Perry Katy’s never been the type to be afraid of fashion risks. She’s gone from extra-edgy to glammed-out goth, but she always rocks each look with confidence. I always loved keeping up with her fashion because honestly, she's never made anything look bad. From her blue hair to her stage get-ups, she’s making fashion statements wherever she goes. Recently, she’s been rocking the retro-girly look and I think it’s her best one yet!


Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen When some people think of Taylor Momsen, they think of the sweet little girl from The Grinch. However, if you’re a GG fan like me, you think of Jenny Humphrey. Personally, I think Jenny and Taylor’s fashion went hand-in-hand at one point. Remember in the later seasons of the show? Jenny would rock the dark eye liner, and long tousled hair like Taylor did with her everyday looks. I love that Taylor isn’t afraid to be the kick ass rock and roller that she is, but I do love her recent transformation! These days she’s gussying it up a bit, trying on chic black dresses topped with elegant coats!


Selena Gomez

Selena’s definitely come a long way from her wizarding days. Growing up on Disney Channel, Sel’s look was always very age-appropriate and something you’d see yourself wearing to the mall. Luckily for us, Sel’s traded her animal print tops and converse for some of the most gorgeous gowns. I think her big stand-out moment was her arrival at the 2010 Grammys. Selena wore a beautiful golden gown and really made her transition into adulthood. For her everyday looks, she always manages to keep it casual, yet chic. I love her style now!


Elle Fanning

Elle Fanning This Fanning sister is no stranger to the red carpet. Like her sister, Dakota, she really came into her own and has become one of fashion’s newest sweethearts. She went from wearing a black dress (paired with blue tights) and combat boots, to wearing long elegant dresses. She always manages to take a slight boho twist to her look and make it that much better! I think this girl is definitely one to watch! With time and age, her style transformation will top the list soon.


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence J.Law has always been a stylish celeb. She’s always been the one to look super approachable, like she could just be your best friend! These days, she’s ditching her understated designer pieces and going full-out fashionista mode! I love how she always manages to look so breath-taking but still acts like she’d rather be at home in sweats. It’s one of the main reasons why I love her so much! With the recent Hunger Games promotion, J.Law chopped off her hair and is now rocking a pixie cut! I think she pulls it off wonderfully!


Miley Cyrus

Miley’s gone from Hannah Montana to Bangerz and honestly, I love it. Like Selena, Miley grew up on Disney Channel. Her style was always very cute and age-appropriate (like rocking colorful leggings and animal print tops). However, Miley really started to come into her own, style-wise, in 2010 when she wore a long sleeve mini dress at the Grammys! Her red carpet gowns became a pretty mix of boho and classic glam. Then came the haircut (which I think makes her look so, so fierce). Her style is definitely under transformation and I think it’s super fun to watch the process!


Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne Oh, the irony. The same woman who once took the stage wearing a hot pink and black tux complete with sequin embellishments is now the host of E!’s Fashion Police. Clearly, her fashion has definitely improved over the years! While she still loves to play with bold neon colors, her looks are less "experimental" and are now very well-executed. I think she earned that spot on Fashion Police and I hope she continues the fashion evolution because she’s done so well!


Christina Aguilera

Christina might possibly be one of my favorite human beings ever. However, I’m glad she went through the style transformation that she did. She had every reason to flaunt her body circa 2002 but somewhere between all the crazy fashion risks, it got to be a lot. In her recent years, Xtina still loves to show off a sexy silhouette but keeps it tasteful and elegant at the same time. I’m glad she’s found a happy medium. Christina’s voice is timeless, and her recent fashion is too.

Isn’t it crazy looking back at all these transformations? It kind of makes me glad there’s no one documenting my every outfit because hey, there were definitely times I thought I was so cute, but wow, I so wasn’t. Fashion trends come and go but these celebs are making their styles classy and elegant- that’ll never go away. Who had your favorite style transformation?

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I'm loving Jennifer's hair!

Emma Watson!!

You forgot demi lovato. She has made the biggest transformation since coming out of the treatment centre, she went in a teenager and came out a grown women

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