15 Big Heart Celebrities Who Are Angels on Earth ...

Being a celeb can be tricky, even the nice celebrities get unfairly categorized as selfish, substance-abusing party animals due to their more careless and intoxicated counterparts. There are actually tons of stars who have a big heart and dedicate a lot of their time and money into great causes. Check this list of the 10 nicest celebrities who have a heart of gold and see if your most loved or loathed star made this list!

1. Matt Damon

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Who knew Jason Bourne was such a sweetheart?! Damon co-founded Water.org which helps provide clean water to developing countries as well as being a supporter of ONE Campaign which fights AIDS and poverty in third-world countries. He also teamed up with fellow Ocean’s 11 castmates and founded Not On Our Watch which focuses on advocating and bringing attention to human atrocities in third-world countries. Sexy and sweet, gotta love it!

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