13 Old Commercials with Now Famous Actors That Will Blow Your Mind ...

Watching old commercials with now famous actors can feel strange. You’re used to seeing celebrities dressed in expensive outfits while they act in scenes with fantastic dialogue. Seeing them when they’re young, before they gained popularity, is like glancing back at embarrassing baby pictures. These old commercials with now famous actors will make you happy they’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

1. Silly Seth Green

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You know Seth from That 70’s Show, Austin Powers, and Family Guy, but have you seen him as a child? My favorite of all the old commercials with now famous actors is this Nerf advertisement that’s clearly from the 90s. Seth’s clothes, voice, and lines are all humorous. The commercial is lighthearted and will make you chuckle. I mean, who doesn’t love a commercial with a random mime thrown into it?

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