13 Old Commercials with Now Famous Actors That Will Blow Your Mind ...


13 Old Commercials with Now Famous Actors That Will Blow Your Mind ...
13 Old Commercials with Now Famous Actors That Will Blow Your Mind ...

Watching old commercials with now famous actors can feel strange. You’re used to seeing celebrities dressed in expensive outfits while they act in scenes with fantastic dialogue. Seeing them when they’re young, before they gained popularity, is like glancing back at embarrassing baby pictures. These old commercials with now famous actors will make you happy they’ve moved on to bigger and better things.

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Silly Seth Green

You know Seth from That 70’s Show, Austin Powers, and Family Guy, but have you seen him as a child? My favorite of all the old commercials with now famous actors is this Nerf advertisement that’s clearly from the 90s. Seth’s clothes, voice, and lines are all humorous. The commercial is lighthearted and will make you chuckle. I mean, who doesn’t love a commercial with a random mime thrown into it?


Salesman Steve Carell

You're used to seeing Steve Carell in comedies that never fail to make you laugh. Even though this commercial for Brown's Chicken is from 1992, when he wasn't a household name, it's still quite funny. A little over ten years after the commercial aired, Bruce Almighty came out and Steve has kept us entertained ever since. He recently voiced a character in Despicable Me 2 and is going to appear in the Anchorman sequel that's coming out this December. Be sure to keep an eye out for his future films and when all else fails, put on some reruns of The Office.


Money Maker Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman's voice is hypnotizing. It's no wonder why advertisers would want him to help sell a product. In this commercial for Listerine, Morgan convinces a fellow worker to use the product even though he dislikes the taste. His argument isn't the best, but he can make anything sound like it's the greatest thing around. That's the power of Morgan Freeman.


Paul Rudd the Stud

Does this man ever age? You know this commercial must be old with the product it's advertising. Paul Rudd acts captivated by the Super Nintendo games that were a huge fad years ago. The commercial aired in 1991, just four years before he acted in Clueless. Paul went on to play Phoebe's fiancée in Friends, a surfer in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and a lovable funny man in many other popular films.


Z in a Pinch

You know her as Sue on Glee, but what did she do before she landed the role of a lifetime? Jane was in a cute commercial for Frosted Flakes where she’s searching for Tony. Keep an eye out while you watch, because in the middle of the video you can catch the tiger walking past. Since the commercial aired, Jane has been showered in fame. She’s won the People’s Choice Award, Golden Globe, and an Emmy.


Aaron Paul's Powers

Have you ever seen Breaking Bad? If so, you’re probably in love Jesse Pinkman. If you don’t know this actor, it’s only a matter of time until you do. He’s currently filming Need For Speed, which is expected to be a bit hit. In this old commercial for Juicy Fruit, Aaron uses his special powers to try to get a taste of the delicious gum.


McDonalds Loving Michael J. Fox

Before Michael J. Fox was in Back to the Future or even Family Ties, he acted in a few commercials. This one is for McDonalds and claims that the fast food place is responsible for bringing couples together. Whether or not it’s meant to be funny, it should make you smile at its corniness. Michael J. Fox has went on to act in dozens of movies and television shows and is starring in a new show this fall. It’s called the Michael J. Fox Show and is based on his life.


Ben Affleck

To get his start in the acting business, Ben Affleck launched his career with a Burger King promo when he was just seventeen years old. He played a charming jock, who tried to get the girl by delivering her a chef salad, only to get a call from his dad. Later he went on to release the movie, Good Will Hunting that made him and his childhood best friend, Matt Damon stars. It grossed to about $226 millions worldwide and won nine Academy Award Nominations. Ben Affleck has one of the Hollywood's biggest success stories.


Leonardo Dicaprio

Before he was one of the most renowned actors in the business, Leonardo Dicaprio had his roots in the commercial business as a Bubble Yum kid. Dicaprio actually begged his mom to take him to the audition and luckily it was his to get. The commercial aired in 1988 when he was just 14 years old. Who knew that blowing and popping bubbles would get him so far!


Elijah Wood

Back when Elijah Wood was just a kid, he shot a cheese commercial in which he promoted a combination of broccoli and cheese! He was recruited by the National Dairy Board in the early 1990s but little did they know that this young man would later on become a household name. Today he is most known for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, but the list of his critically acclaimed works doesn't just stop there!


Jack Black

Jack Black is an actor, producer, comedian,voice artist and musician. He is best known for his roles in High Fidelity, Shallow Hal, King Kong and School of Rock. However his early career began in television commercials for the video game Pitfall! Baby Jack Black was still the same as he is now, with a chubby face, wide eyes and over the top personality. Fame really hasn't changed him!


Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst's rise to a child star began with a few of television commercials. One of them was a 1989 commercial for Baby Dolly Surprise in which the actress really didn't look like herself! Her hair was in a poofball perm but she was still as charming as ever. Later on in her career Kirsten Dunst really expanded her horizons and took on more adult roles in varying movie genres, which really made her standout among the others.


Dakota Fanning

Despite her very young age, Dakota Fanning actually has more experience that some other actors put together. Her talent was recognizable from her early days when she beat countless amount of other children for a starring role in the national Tide commercial. Her charm and playfulness can already be seen right here, so it is no surprise that she is now one of the most respectable actresses at just 19 years old.

The sound quality may be horrible and the image shaky, but I hope you enjoyed watching these old commercials. Which one was your favorite? Are there any that I left off of the list?

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Michael J Fox...all these are great to watch!

Love Michael J. Fox...even in a fast-food ad...FYI re: Jane Lynch, she had a recurring role as a lesbian lawyer in The L Word, she was fantastic btw, and she had a briefly recurring role on NCIS as a former lover/antagonist of Mark Harmon's Jethro, she was memorable there too...nice to see her achieve her "star" moment...

Michael J. Fox

Ah Jesse

Seth green! Took me back to my childhood in the 90's... Thank you! Ha

Arron Paul is my celeb crush I love him he was also in a corn pops commercial

I saw a YT video of Leighton Meester starring in a Tamagotchi Angel commercial,and she was gorgeous even back then!

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