15 Inspiring Celebrities Who've Stripped off for Charity ...

Can you name any celebrities who’ve stripped off for charity? It’s certainly a controversial idea. It undoubtedly gets extra coverage for the charity in question, and it must take some confidence to peel off your clothes knowing that the whole world will see, but plenty of people feel that there are more valid ways to raise awareness. Then there is the issue of extra publicity for the celebrities, too... Here’s 15 of the biggest celebrities who’ve stripped off for charity. Would you do it?

1. Miley Cyrus

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20-year-old Miley is no stranger to sharing snaps on Twitter, but her most provocative photo caused quite a stir. It features Miley naked, with only her hands to protect her modesty, under the banner “Protect the skin you’re in.” The $35 shirt is part of a campaign to raise awareness and money for the New York University Skin Cancer Institute. A worthy cause, if ever there was one, and Miley certainly looks good. You can tell she loves the gym! Miley has joined a growing group of celebrities who’ve stripped off for charity, and she seems very proud of her efforts.

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