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We tend to look to celebrities to inspire us for so many things — like fashion and volunteerism — but we can also look to them as fitness role models, and why not? There are so many fit celebrity women we can look to for inspiration! I’ve gathered a list of my own fit faves, and here they are! Here are the 20 most fit celebrity women to be inspired by…

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Gwenyth Paltrow

Gwenyth Paltrow This Oscar-winner and proud mama is one of the most fit celebrity women, and she doesn’t make light of the work she has to do to maintain her figure. Recently, she was quoted as saying, “The reason that I can be 38 and have two kids and wear a bikini is because I work my [expletive] ass off. It’s not an accident. It’s not luck, it’s not fairy dust, it’s not good genes. It’s killing myself for an hour and a half five days a week, but what I get out of it is relative to what I put into it.”


Halle Berry

Halle Berry Is there any fitness role model quite like Halle Berry? She’s in her mid-forties and has a beach bod anyone in their 20s would be proud to claim. Have you seen her bikini shots from the beach this spring? Amazing!


Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith She’s a successful actor married to, and mother of, other successful actors. How does she find the time to work out? She makes it a priority, which makes her another great fitness role model.


Julianne Hough

Julianne Hough This “Dancing with the Stars” cutie credits her long hours in the studio, dancing, for her fit physique. She’s always so peppy, so energetic, and you have to wonder: is it because she’s so fit? She makes it look easy!


Hilary Swank

Hilary Swank She’s tough, she’s real, she’s gorgeous — and she’s fit! I adore Hilary Swank, and she’s a true fitness inspiration. She’s certainly one of the most fit celebrity women, getting into shape for her role in “Million Dollar Baby,” and making time to stay fit long after the role ended and the Oscar was awarded.


Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson is a current spokesperson for Weight Watchers, which she says helped her lose weight and keep it off. She also works out regularly with a personal trainer, and she looks fantastic! While she wasn’t always so, she is definitely one of today’s most fit celebrity women.


Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin I’ve been a fan of Paquin for ages… and while she’s no stick person, she’s certainly a great fitness role model. I like that she’s so incredibly fit, but still has round, soft, womanly curves.


First Lady Michelle Obama

First Lady Michelle Obama I love that our First Lady is such a great fitness role model, one of the most fit celebrity women I can think of. She’s all about exercise and healthy diet as a lifestyle, not something temporary; something we start when we’re young and continue for the rest of our lives. Brilliant!


Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa Morning talk show host and all-around cutie pie Kelly Ripa is another of my favorite of the most fit celebrity women. She’s naturally thin, but she also keeps toned and healthy with regular exercise, including Pilates.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston Jennifer Aniston says she gets her incredible physique from her regular yoga sessions, and it sure looks like she works hard at it! She’s got a soft, round figure, but you can tell she’s all lean muscle under those feminine curves.


Sheryl Crow

Sheryl Crow Singer Sheryl Crow is another of the most fit celebrity women, and another who admits it takes work, but it’s worth it. She does yoga and P90X to stay fit, but in an interview with SELF Magazine, Crow says she comes by her amazing arms honestly, explaining, “I lift a 3-year-old throughout the day; I'm sure that has something to do with it!”


Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon I love seeing photos of Reese Witherspoon out running — she seems to intent, and so dedicated… and it doesn’t look easy, which is why she’s one of my favorite fitness role models. She looks fit and healthy, but she shows that it’s actual work.



Beyonce I can’t imagine being photographed in a bikini mere weeks after having a baby, but Beyonce did it, and she looked great! She says part of her inspiration is Michelle Obama, another of the most fit celebrity women… I wonder if that includes Mrs. Obama’s healthy diet and exercise ideas?


Alessandra Ambrosio

Alessandra Ambrosio Can you imagine being so fit, you could walk a Victoria’s Secret runway while pregnant? Ambrisio did it, and this alone makes her one of my fitness inspirations, and certainly even one of the most fit celebrity women… I mean, really!


Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz I envy Cameron Diaz’s seemingly always beach-ready body. Her arms look toned but not overly muscular, her legs look great, and her abs are gorgeous. She’s the stereotypical Hollywood glam girl, and she’s so fit!


Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel She’s always looked so fit, and she looks so outdoorsy and athletic, but Biel says her fitness is no accident, and it does take work. Did you see her in the Blade movie? Amazing!



Pink I love her sass and her punk style, and of course, her spotlight as one of the most fit celebrity women. How does she keep so fit? In a recent issue of Women’s Health magazine, Pink says she does the P90X workout. It works!


J Lo

J Lo She’s always been fit, but lately, it seems like she’s ready to just show it all off, doesn’t she? Jennifer Lopez can credit her dancing to keep her fit, but she also works out, regularly, with a personal trainer.


Heidi Klum

Heidi Klum Another Victoria’s Secret model, another of the most fit female celebrities. Coincidence? Of course not! When it’s your job to wear nothing but the skimpiest, sexiest of lingerie, and make it look good, you spend a lot of time on your body, and she looks great!



Fergie In one of her songs, Fergie says she’s at the gym, working on her fitness. Well, it sure looks like she spends a lot of time there, and she says her favorite place at the gym is the treadmill. She also likes to run outdoors, though honestly, I don’t know how she finds the time!

With so many extremely fit and gorgeous celebrity women to inspire you, there’s no reason you can’t get up and move, and get fit too! Which of these most fit celebrity women do you think can get you motivated? Or is there another fitness role model that gets you going? Please share!

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i think Kerry Washington should be on here as well

Ciara is my fitness role model.. I mean seriously-she's just all over perfect haha

never knew halle berry looked like that! wouldnt complain having that body


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