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Often, the entertainment news networks are full of stories of actresses under 25 who have gotten into some sort of trouble. However, there are plenty of actresses under 25 who have become excellent role models. Many young actresses have chosen to stay out of the spotlight, promote charities, or focus on their education. I think their choices to remain role models for women of all ages through their actions are admirable. As a woman in her late 20s, I even look up to these young actresses, and often find it remarkable how they have managed to stay such positive role models.

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Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere Panettiere’s character in Nashville certainly isn’t a role model; however, Hayden has definitely become one of the young actresses under 25 to look up to. At age 24, Hayden has managed to grow up in the spotlight and stay true to herself. She supports a number of charities, but is most famous for her save the whales campaigns. She also traveled to Japan to protest the killing of dolphins in 2010. Aside from her activism, Hayden has also become a role model because of the positive body image she presents to young women.


Emma Watson

Emma Watson Emma Watson has been in the spotlight as a role model since she was just 9 years old and began her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter films. Now 23, Emma attends Brown University in Rhode Island as an English major. She is even so focused on her studies that she has passed up roles in order to finish her education. I think it is very admirable that she places such an importance on her education. Another reason Emma is a person to look up to is her ability to stay grounded. Until she was 18, she continued to ride the public bus, which demonstrates she has kept a level head despite the fame.


Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence At 23, Jennifer Lawrence is another young actress who has managed to stay level headed despite her fame. She has explained that she doesn’t have a personal assistant because she wants her life to remain as normal as possible. In keeping her life as normal as possible, she has kept her childhood best friend and managed to remain true to herself. She has openly discussed her problems with anxiety, and she has publicly stated how hurt she was by being called fat early in her career. By coming forward about both of these things, as well as others, Jennifer has brought attention to serious problems that affect women every day. You can’t help but appreciate how she wants Hollywood to stop judging people for their size.


Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley Shailene Woodley became famous for her roles in the Secret Life of the American Teenager and The Descendants. What is remarkable about Shailene is her confidence in herself. Shailene is only 22, but she has the confidence of someone much older. She can often be seen without makeup and has no problem going barefoot on the Red Carpet. While I don’t think going barefoot is necessarily a great thing, I love her for not wearing makeup all the time. She feels beautiful just the way she is, and that is something to look up to. Also, Shailene has spoken out against photo shopping, explaining that sometimes she doesn’t even recognize herself in magazines.


Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Selena Gomez is probably most famous for her singing, but she has also starred in movies and the Disney Channel’s The Wizards of Waverly Place. Selena turned 21 in July, and she has managed to remain a role model as she is maturing and stepping away from her younger image. In fact, after her new baby sister was born she vowed that she will remain a role model! Gomez has been accused of being not sexy enough as well as being too sexy; however, she continues to stay true to herself, even saying that the sexiest thing is class. Aside from that, Selena is also a role model for her ability to take care of herself. She recently cancelled a tour in Australia and Asia to take time for herself to be the best person she can be. I think every woman could learn from this by trying not to take on too much.


Dakota Fanning

Dakota Fanning In 2001 Dakota Fanning was the youngest person to be nominated for a SAG award. Now, at age 19 Dakota is attending New York University and continuing her status as a role model. Growing up in the spotlight, Dakota managed to stay out of trouble and lead a fairly normal life. She was even a cheerleader at her high school. Dakota has said that she accepts her status as a role model, but wants her fans to know she isn’t perfect. Since no one is perfect, I think it is great that she owns the fact that she will make mistakes in her life. I also think she is a young woman to look up to for the focus she puts on her education. She knows education is important. Case in point, she missed the premier of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 to take her college entrance exams. Anyone who puts their education first is a role model.


Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld Although she is only 17, Hailee Steinfeld has proved herself to be an exceptional role model. Steinfeld became famous when she was just 13 and was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in True Grit. Since that time she has spoken out against bullying. Hailee was bullied from third grade to sixth grade and had to be pulled out of school because of the torment. Now, she supports the Trevor Project, which combats bullying against gay and lesbian youth. Speaking out against bullying can be really hard if you were a victim of bullying. Hailee’s strength and courage is something to be admired.

All of these young actresses are exceptional people. Each one of them has become a role model for her own individual actions, and they are all women to look up to. It is important to have a role model, and these actresses can be role models for women of any age. Which actress do you find inspiring?

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Chloe grace moretz!!!

Hayden definitely

you forgot jessie j!

Emma Watson She reminds me so much of Jodie Foster!

Jessie J is a great idol!

I just love Jennifer Lawrence !!! And her favourite thing is reading

How bout Taylor Swift


True to herself n her cause

Wait a minute : " Selena famous for her singing?!!!!" She sings with auto tune !!!! I saw the reviews on her concert in Canada and they said that they didn't her a word!!

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