7 Smart Supermodels Who Have Proven That Intelligence is Sexy ...

Some models are more than just a pretty face and they value education and jump at every opportunity to enrich their minds, which is why these smart supermodels are respected on a whole another level in the industry. They know how to conduct business, converse with people all over the world and effectively advertise products. These models push the boundaries that are formed by society’s stereotype of a typical model! Just take a look at these smart supermodels who have proven that intelligence is sexy!

1. Cindy Crawford

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Don’t let the looks deceive you, because although Cindy Crawford looks like she spends her spare time at the gym or the beauty salon, in reality she has the soul of a true scholar. Before the idea of modeling even came to her head, she was planning on becoming a chemical engineer. She studied hard at Northwestern University and even became valedictorian of her graduating class! Cindy Crawford is one of the smart supermodels who have proven themselves not only as models but also as hard working students eager to learn.

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