7 Female Celebrities I Find Incredibly Sweet and down to Earth ...


7 Female Celebrities I Find Incredibly Sweet and down to Earth ...
7 Female Celebrities I Find Incredibly Sweet and down to Earth ...

Female celebrities as well as male ones are, at the end of the day, regular humans just like you and I. And while some aren’t really the people you could imagine being great friends with, others look, act and are rumored to be so sweet, you feel like it’s a shame you don’t know them personally. I have my own list of down to earth celebs, too and these ladies below definitely fall under the category of famous female celebrities I think I could enjoy a friendly chitchat with.

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Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock She’s sweet, funny, has the most charming smile I’ve ever seen and is one of those rare female celebrities that can take a joke and make a joke without getting all snide about it! Who can hate Sandra Bullock, right? She looks like a kind of gal I could eat ice cream and watch sappy movies with.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Her smile is genuine and ever-present, she seems totally normal and approachable even when dressed to the nines and looks like a lady that likes making her own Thanksgiving dinner for the family. Some women just have that air of warm, natural perfection about them – you can tell they are great moms, fantastic wives, amazing women and true ladies. Don’t you agree? You don’t even have to be into politics or support Obama to agree Michelle looks like an extraordinary person.

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Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres Ellen! Oh my God, let’s not forget her! Seriously, can you point at a more down to earth celeb or the one with a better sense of humor? I bet not! Ellen totally looks like the kind of gal you can have a beer and share a round of bad-worded jokes with…maybe even burp accidentally without fear and expect to laugh it off like a good BFF. What do you think?

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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Her choice of fashion might be eccentric but she certainly sounds like a down to earth gal! And while the media is busy sharing her rider list trying to prove she’s more spoiled than J.Lo, no one even stops to note that her requests are more in the domain of “what the team needs” than “what Gaga needs.” I don’t know…I kind of like that gal and believe she’s not only loyal to her fans but her friends and family too! Wouldn’t mind grabbing a cup of coffee with her, although I doubt we’d ever hit the shopping mall together.

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Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani I still remember her as the quirky blue-haired No Doubt girl, although she has certainly come a long way since that and managed to become even more famous! But do you see her acting like a diva? Absolutely not! She looks like a girl that doesn’t consider herself above BBQ parties in the back yard and I would gladly invite her to one of mine!

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P!nk Speaking about parties and BBQ – there’s another celebrity gal I really like! P!nk! She’s my hero! Literally – she’s smart and cool and you can really see that her lyrics are real. How can anyone not love a person that is so strongly against blending in for the sake of popularity or whatnot?

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Emma Watson

Emma Watson What a great kid Emma is! I’ve been a fan since the first time I saw her in a Harry Potter movie and all the rumors, gossips and news so far have proven that she really is as nice as celebrities get! Some say she’s mean but I doubt that is really the case – growing up, trying to go to school and do everything a normal kid does can get rather hard when you have everybody whispering behind your back and pointing fingers at you.

What other down to earth celebs can you name? Ever met one? I haven’t so I can’t say for sure, although I’m willing to bet naming any female celebrity on this list as cool and normal isn’t too far from the truth.

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@shens and pink lol

Yess Jennifer Lawrence. She's a doll:)

I love Emma and Sandra! I have to say the nicest celebrity I have met and she's always the same is Deidre Hall :) she's a total sweetheart.

I met Randy Jackson and he is the nicest man ive ever met!!! So sweet

Haha Michelle Obama, that's hilarious!

Where's Emma Stone??

I completely agree with this list. I love Ellen!

Where is Kristen Bell?? She's a doll! Adorable!

I love Jennifer Lawrence. She is so wholesome and seems really down-to-earth.

I agree with aMiNa

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