7 Female Celebrities I Find Incredibly Sweet and down to Earth ...

Female celebrities as well as male ones are, at the end of the day, regular humans just like you and I. And while some aren’t really the people you could imagine being great friends with, others look, act and are rumored to be so sweet, you feel like it’s a shame you don’t know them personally. I have my own list of down to earth celebs, too and these ladies below definitely fall under the category of famous female celebrities I think I could enjoy a friendly chitchat with.

1. Sandra Bullock

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She’s sweet, funny, has the most charming smile I’ve ever seen and is one of those rare female celebrities that can take a joke and make a joke without getting all snide about it! Who can hate Sandra Bullock, right? She looks like a kind of gal I could eat ice cream and watch sappy movies with.

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