7 Cool Celebrities with Dimples ...

There is no doubt that dimples are extremely charming and can make a very big difference to how a person appears. While dimples are genetically inherited, many celebrities are now trying to get dimples through plastic surgery to enhance their appearance and look better. But, let’s look at 7 cool celebrities with dimples that are absolutely natural and totally fantastic.

1. Cheryl Cole

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Many consider Cheryl Cole’s dimples to be one of the most stunning dimples in Hollywood. There are many other celebrities who have commented on those famous dimples and quite a few have also confessed to being jealous of her for her dimples.

2. Leonardo Di Caprio

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Leonardo Di Caprio is the heartthrob of millions around the world. His entire personality oozes of charm. But, there is no doubt that those dimples on his cheeks make him even more charming and adorable and make women’s hearts flutter every time they appear.

3. Nicky Hilton

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Sibling of the notorious Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton is a celebrity in her own right and definitely one of the cool celebrities with dimples. Unlike many others, her dimples are very prominent and lend a lot of grace to her face and features.

4. Alan Cummings

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Alan Cummings is a very accomplished personality. But, you are sure to forget all the stuff he has done once you lay eyes on his dimples. They are so fascinating and hypnotizing that you are likely to gaze at them for much longer than what is considered to be polite.

5. Camille Guaty

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Camille Guaty is definitely one of the cool celebrities with dimples to die for. They look perfect in her slightly chubby face and lend her a sense of glamour and enigma. Her dimples are so prominent that you simply cannot imagine her face without them.

6. Dakota Fanning

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Dakota Fanning is one of America’s heartthrobs. She has many accomplishments under her belt, from playing tennis professionally to being a highly talented actress. But, there is no doubt that her dimples as just as likely to capture your heart as any role she may play in a film.

7. Kirsten Dunst

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Kirtsen Dunst is a highly accomplished actress with a number of great roles and films under her belt. Her most famous role is perhaps that of Mary Watson in Spider-Man, but she has won critical acclaim and indeed a number of award nominations for many other roles that she has played. Her success is certainly made sweeter by the sight of her gorgeous dimples.

No one can take away the amount of hard work, perseverance, dedication and toil that people put in to be successful. But, when you are a celebrity and are blessed with not just good looks, a great body as well as a set of perfect dimples, it is useless to argue that they do not add further charm to your personality. The above list of cool celebrities with dimples merely adds evidence to that point. So do you have dimples?

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