7 Inspiring Celebrities of 2011 ...


7 Inspiring Celebrities of 2011 ...
7 Inspiring Celebrities of 2011 ...

Celebrities of 2011… how do I pick just 7 of them that inspire me? There are so many inspiring celebs, it wasn’t easy, but I’ve thought long and hard about it, done loads of research, agonized over making some necessary cuts, but here they are. These are my picks for the top 7 most inspiring celebrities of 2011.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr

How can a man who’s been gone so long still be such an inspirational celebrity in 2011? He’s never stopped being a role model, an inspiration, but now his legacy can inspire and inform a new generation of admirers… his memorial in Washington D.C. opened late this summer, and I can’t wait to visit. He was a visionary, and is still such an inspiration, to so many around the world.


Hannah and Olivia from “Biggest Loser”

Sisters Olivia Ward and Hannah Curlee were my two favorite contestants on last this year’s Season 11 of “Biggest Loser,” and when Olivia won, I was thrilled. Together, the pair lost an amazing 249 pounds, and they faced their fears over the air, making what is often a personal, private journey into a learning experience, an inspiration for all of us.


Jennifer Aniston

If there’s one word that sums up Jennifer Aniston, it would be “grace.” She’s handled the end of her marriage to fellow celeb Brad Pitt with grace. She’s handled an unrelenting stream of unworthy suitors and boyfriends, again with grace. And most recently, she’s even handled sniping, mean-spirited (although possibly “out of context”) statements by Mr. Pitt about their ill-fated marriage, all with (again!) grace.


Lady Gaga

I’m not saying she has fashion sense. But like her or not, her message is inspirational: love who you are, and don’t ever try to be anything else. She’s also come out against bullying, for LGBT equal rights, and even designed a bracelet to sell on her website to benefit relief efforts after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


Oprah Winfrey

I personally cannot stand Oprah Winfrey. She annoys me, on so many levels, but I have to admit, she’s served as an inspiration for millions of women around the world, literally, for decades. She’s one of the most powerful, influential, and inspirational women in show biz, and now that she’s launched her own channel, she’s about to kick it up a notch.


Liz Murray

Maybe you’ve never heard of Liz Murray, currently a motivational speaker; I hadn’t heard of her either until I read about her in the Daily Mail this January. She is truly an inspiration, having overcome every obstacle life can throw at someone, and shining.


Justin Bieber

I know what you’re thinking. Yes, I am an adult woman who finds young, squeaky-clean Justin Bieber inspiring. Unless you’ve seen the movie about his rise to fame, called “Never Say Never,” released in 2011. You really can’t judge until you see the movie. Truly, I had no idea… I thought he was just another flash in the pan… but I was wrong, and now I’m inspired.

Whether you love them or loathe them, these are the celebs that have inspired me this year. Which of these inspirational celebrities of 2011 are your favorites? Or is there someone, a favorite celeb or public figure, that’s inspired you more? Please share!

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good article but would be better with pics :)

Demi Lovato should be here!! Watch her documentary Stay Strong if you haven't heard about her story

I hate that Jennifer Aniston is on here and Angelina Jolie is not. Look up her charity work. She's actually on the board of UNHCR and goes out to work in the field to work hands on with kids in 3rd world countries. She's even been in active war zones, putting her life in danger to help others. All that people see is that she "broke up" Jennifer and Brad's marriage when she's out actively saving lives every day and dedicating her time, safety, and money to change the world.

Demi Lovato! u missed demi lovato and one direction and those two, well 6, r really inspirational

Totally in love with Jeniffer Aniston, i love the way she managed her life post divorce. There were few hiccups here and there but overall she is someone to get inspired off.

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