8 Surprising Music Video Stars ...


8 Surprising Music Video Stars ...
8 Surprising Music Video Stars ...

I love watching music videos – when they’re good; of course, even when they’re bad, I like keeping an eye out for surprising music video stars. Most everyone knows that Megan Fox was in the video for “Love the Way You Lie,” so I (sadly) am not talking about obvious choices like that. You might know that Chevy Chase was in Paul Simon’s video for “Call Me All,” but what about the rest of these surprising music video stars?

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Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken, one of my favorite creepy actors of all time, showed up in Fatboy Slim’s video for “Weapon of Choice.” I used to listen to Fatboy Slim a lot, but never noticed this cameo. Then again, most of the time now, I just hear his music on Just Dance. Those songs are always the hardest! Anyway, if you like the actor, definitely watch!


Courtney Cox

If I’m not mistaken, Courtney Cox has been in several videos, generally when she was dating one of the band mates. I don’t think she was dating Bruce Springsteen, but she shows up in the video for “Dancing in the Dark,” which I actually love, even though I’m not the biggest fan of the Boss.


Keanu Reeves

He’s definitely a surprising music video star for me, because I was … I really, really liked Paula Abdul when I was much younger. A lot. Owned all of her CDs and listened to the songs over and over like “Will You Marry Me, Boy?” was relevant to my life at 9. I wasn’t yet going through the five minute phase where I thought Keanu was hot stuff, so I think I just missed him altogether.


Zach Galifianakis

I was never a huge Fiona Apple fan, so I’m not surprised I missed the video for “Not about Love.” Zach’s a surprise, though, because he’s not … well, he’s not a typical music video love interest, is he? But I’m thrilled, because I think he’s hilarious, plus he’s kind of adorable.


Ryan Phillipe

I only think Ryan’s a surprising music video star because I love him and he is awesome. Also, he was funny in the video for “Hey Ya,” and it makes me wish he’d do more comedy. Besides MacGruber, because that was kind of horrible. Also, I love this song! (Also very difficult on Just Dance.)


Angelina Jolie

Angie’s been in music too, but it might surprise you to know whom with. She was in a video with the Rolling Stones, in 1997 I believe. She was in the one for “Anybody Seen My Baby.” I can see this, actually, very well. She’s gorgeous, and she and Mick both have very luscious lips. You have to watch in places you wouldn’t expect to see her. Actually, watch everywhere.


Kim Basinger

I confess, Kim isn’t exactly a surprising music video star to me, because I knew she was in Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers’ video for “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” It’s just, I love the video. I love Tom Petty in general, but this video and this song takes me back to my youth. I mean, I was really young, so it seemed really cool to get a song like this.


Johnny Depp

Tom Petty is actually pretty awesome. He’s got Johnny Depp into the video for “Into the Great Wide Open,” too. I could watch this for days.

There are a lot of surprising music video stars who pop up in mainstream videos and more obscure songs. It’s fun to see them show up; then you can wonder how exactly they got to the point of being in a video. What’s your favorite celebrity cameo in a music video?

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Hey Micaela, COULDN'T forget that one! I mentioned it in the beginning but figured it sadly wasn't so surprising anymore. And then I almost added it anyway, just on the basis that I will pretty much shamelessly include Eminem-anything anywhere I can! :P

you forgot Megan Fox (I love the way you lie)

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