4 Celebs That Shot to Fame after Cosmetic Surgery...


Some celebrities have felt that a little cosmetic surgery would help their careers; a little tuck here, a little lift there, and the role is theirs! Doesn't this make you wonder which celebs have won a movie role or had a career boost because of their new looks after cosmetic surgery? I know it has me wondering and guest blogger Bella from Cosmetic Surgery Guruis back with us to share the details about 4 Celebs that Shot to Fame after Cosmetic Surgery, one I think you'll be surprised about...
Celebs Who Don't Mind a little Cosmetic Surgery...
A Wall Street investment banker recently told Oprah.com that cosmetic surgery enhanced her career. The 55-year-old professional said she became a city high-flyer following ten operations and claimed the painful procedures were a “time saver”. There’s no denying nose jobs, liposuction and boob jobs are popular these days, but do many people use surgery to boost their career?

Take a look at these celebs whose success might be linked with plastic surgery:

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Katie Price AKA Jordan...

Katie Price began modeling from a young age, but didn't really stand out from the crowd until she opted for cosmetic surgery and became renowned for her massive melons. The tabloids couldn't get enough of Jordan’s jugs and she soon became a cover girl for magazines such as Maxim, Nuts and FHM. Since her first surgery back in 1996, she’s believed to have had at least ten breast augmentations as well as two nose jobs, lip augmentation, Botox and injectable fillers.


Heidi Montag...

Heidi Montag came to prominence when she appeared in The Hills from 2006 to 2010, but her fame skyrocketed following extreme plastic surgery. The American star caught the attention of the media when she had ten plastic surgeries in one day and her cosmetically-enhanced image circulated the globe. The image-conscious celeb endured everything from a boob job to Botox and became famous around the world for her dramatically transformed body.


Lindsay Lohan...

Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan was once fighting off film roles, but her career took an unexpected nosedive when she had a series of run-ins with the law. Driving under the influence and several stints in rehab lost her several film deals (apparently), but the star found new ways to attract attention. Strutting down the street with a some what larger chest, she fuelled a frenzy of boob job rumours which detracted from her criminal past. It certainly looks like she’s gone under the knife, but this is one celeb who likes to keep everyone guessing.


Kelly Rowland...

Kelly Rowland enjoyed phenomenal success with Destiny’s Child, but when she went solo she decided to go under the knife to enhance her assets. She transformed herself into a curvaceous goddess and is continuing her successful career. Boob jobs are popular with celebritiesand Miss Rowland certainly looks content with her new knockers.

It seems plastic surgery may have the power to enhance your career, but would you ever change your looks for a career enhancement?

Bella has been beauty blogging since her university days, now writing for cosmeticsurgeryguru.comshe takes an interest in all cosmetic surgery topics, from botched celeb surgery to ins and outs of procedures.

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Funny...I'd rater get breast REDUCTION! :/

Lindsay Lohan was accused of a boob job at 16/17, LONG before her DUI stuff.....

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