8 Famous Hollywood Divorces ...

Famous Hollywood Divorces tend to rock the world, even though the public is never actively involved in them. The recent split between Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony, which will almost certainly lead to another divorce for JLo, got me thinking about other famous Hollywood divorces – or should I say infamous divorces? Some of them were shocking, some of them were kind of expected, and some of them were just heartbreaking – and in this list of famous Hollywood divorces, you’ll find several of each!

1. Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt

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This might well be the most famous Hollywood divorce in recent memory, simply because Brad and Jen were like the original golden couple. They seemed so right together, the world fantasized about what beautiful babies they would make, then rumors suddenly started to surface, and the next thing anyone knew, Branjelina had been created out of the ashes. They went on to have lots of babies and Jen went on to talk excessively about having them.

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