8 Celebrities That Look Older than Their True Age ...


8 Celebrities That Look Older than Their True Age ...
8 Celebrities That Look Older than Their True Age ...

Celebrities That Look Older than their real age are, indeed, a special group of celebs. They either have bad genes, overwork themselves, overdress themselves or allow drugs and alcohol to destroy the only thing they can’t buy – their skin. So, if you’ve ever seen some famous folks and thought “Maaaan, if I ever had to make a list of celebrities that look older I’d definitely put her in”, don’t worry, as I’ve been thinking the same thing. So, take a look at this list of 8 really popular celebrities that look older and you’ll get a pretty good idea on what not to do in case you want to keep your youthful appearance for as long as possible

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Katie Holmes


Is it just me or this girl had somehow aged overnight? Seriously ladies – she was all cute and teeny than almost disappeared for a couple of months only to return looking like a mess (and I don’t mean the hot one). I could never ever believe youthful-looking Katie will end up being one of those celebrities that look older than their ID suggests but she proved me wrong.


Some would argue that the transformation could be due to the relentless pressure and the unyielding pace of Hollywood lifestyle. Others speculate that her high-profile marriage to Tom Cruise and the subsequent media frenzy added years to her demeanor. Regardless, the once Dawson's Creek darling, famous for her girl-next-door charm, has emerged with a more sophisticated, albeit decidedly mature, look. It's as if life's pressures have carved out a different version of Katie Holmes, one that carries the weight of her experiences for all to see.


Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Okay, so Lindsay is my age which makes her…umm… 25! Now, I certainly can’t say I’m the youngest-looking girl you’ll ever see and I certainly don’t dress teeny but darn it, I look 25 with or without makeup on! LiLo, in the other hand, has all the money she could ask for but chooses to spend it in all the wrong ways and, well, all that partying, drug and alcohol abuse and fake tan had to show up somehow and although I’m not blaming it entirely on her, I do believe she could have chosen a different path. Even plastic surgeons agree on this, saying Lindsay’s damaged skin makes her appear at least 15 years older!


Lindsay's tumultuous lifestyle has been splashed across the tabloids for years. The stress, scandals, and relentless spotlight can certainly take a toll on one's appearance. Still, it's a bit jarring to see someone in their mid-twenties looking noticeably weary. The puffiness, lines, and jaded gaze captured in photos tell a tale of nights out outnumbering nights in. It's sadly ironic that, despite having access to the best skincare and health resources, her youthful glow seems faded prematurely. Choices matter, and in Hollywood, the camera doesn’t forgive or forget.


Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag Am I the only one who thinks Heidi was really beautiful BEFORE her countless plastic surgeries? Too bad she didn’t think so, she wouldn’t have wasted all that cash or winded up on my list (and God knows how many other lists) of celebrities that look older than they really are. Oh, well, like Heidi Montag cares what people say, think or write about her! But, wait, you never know – maybe she has actually made a smart move. You know how leather specialists always say you should keep your Chanel bags stuffed to keep their shape? Well, giving the amount of “stuffing” Heidi has, I doubt she’ll ever learn what wrinkles are.


Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus Well, I don’t really have to reinvent the wheel with this one because Miley herself said a shop assistant was trying to sell her anti-wrinkle cream believing she’s 40 and something. Poor woman had mistaken Miley’s bodyguard for her husband, she also thought the girl with Miley is her daughter (when she’s in fact her sister) and, like this was not enough, she also tried to compliment teen celebrity saying she’s holding up quite nicely for her age! Kids certainly grow fast these days, huh?


Miley Cyrus, with her gravelly voice and edgy style, often appears beyond her years on the red carpet. The "Wrecking Ball" songstress, who's been in the spotlight since her tween days, can sometimes give off a world-weary vibe typical of seasoned stars. Her bold fashion choices and ever-evolving looks certainly don't make her seem any younger. Despite this, Miley continues to surprise us with her energy and youthful zest in her performances, proving that age really is just a number.


Pippa Middleton

Pippa Middleton Speaking about anti-wrinkle cream – here’s one lady that, according to many people, needs one badly. Now, if all of those “haters” were women, I could definitely call it a “jealous rant” and let it go but since many of the comments regarding her not-so-youthful appearance came from men (who, despite everything still love her famous backside), I can’t help but wonder – can being 28 and sporting wrinkles place Pippa in the group of celebrities that look older or group of celebrities who wish good genes were for sale?


The commentaries on Pippa Middleton's appearance continue to stir conversation, with many emphatically insisting that she exhibits signs of aging beyond her years. It's interesting to note this particular focus on her face, considering the widespread adulation of her figure after the Royal Wedding in 2011. Could the stress of sudden fame and the constant scrutiny of the public eye be contributing factors to her appearance? Perhaps the pressure to maintain a certain image in the spotlight is more taxing than we realize, casting a spotlight on the unrelenting beauty standards women face, celebrity or otherwise.



Beyonce Popular, talented, glamorous, happy and with a baby on the way – Beyonce certainly has every reason to be thirty and proud of it! Being her fabulous self, however, won’t get her off my list of celebrities that look older and, although I really admire her for her looks, talent and style, I must admit she hasn’t changed significantly in the last 5 or so years. In fact, Honey B started looking 30ish the moment she left Destiny’s Child and started a solo career! Lesson learned, B, now enjoy your life and take it easy girl – I don’t want to wake up the next morning and see you looking 40ish!


Certainly, this diva's evolution from girl group icon to solo superstardom could trick the mind into thinking more years have passed; it's the kind of transformation that implies maturity beyond her actual age. Her aura of sophistication, seasoned by years in the spotlight and now embellished with the glow of motherhood, only adds to that perception. Yet, she's managing family life and a relentless career without skipping a beat—proving age, for Beyonce, is but a number she has long surpassed in accomplishments. Queen B's presence and impact feel timeless, beyond the mere tally of years.


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Can you guess Gaga’s age? Early 30’s maybe? Guess again! Gaga is only 25! Promise not to laugh now as I’m about to reveal something that may seem silly. You see, I had NO idea how old is she, I’ve learned this three days ago and man , I’m still shocked! I could have sworn she’s 30!



Fergie This foxy lady is 36 or, that’s what she says. Now, looking at her body only you could never guess that but once you take a look at her face, you’ll soon realize telling her she looks 36 is actually a huge compliment. Some believe Fergie has been tampering with her birth certificate and she claims she has her former crystal meth addiction to “thank” for that terrible skin. What do you think?

Now, don’t think I’m jealous girls, in fact I must point out that these ladies didn’t end up on my list of celebrities who look older because they are old or bad-looking but simply because of that “WOW” people tend to scream out whenever they find out how old these gals really are. So, what do you have to say about this? Any other celebrities that look older to suggest maybe?

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That fat girl Demi lovato looks 30.And she says she is 18.

Heidi Montag was more beautiful than Heidi 2.0

this is so true! i think pippa middleton looks so old! katie holmes is still beautiful but doesn't have that youthful glow :( i think its due to foundation overload! how old do you think girls should start wearing foundation at because it seems to be getting younger and younger!

gaga should probably number 1, she doesn;t look a day less then 35, I was soo shocked to know she's my age! (and I get 18 all the time for some reason), lindsay- dead on, omg she was so fresh and beautiful and in a blink of an eye she turned into this desperate house- drug- alchol- wife! so sad. but what about adele!??!?!! she's like 23 and looks 30 somthing! I think she def should have been nu. 3!

I think Beyonce is a stunning and talented woman. She really hasn't changed much, but I think she looks more like she's in her late 20's. I also think Emma Stone should be in the list.

I agree with everyone there besides Miley and Beyonce. They both look really young. I think gaga's problem is too much makeup makes her look older, and has also made her skin dryer too? Too much makeup can have bad results on your skin, and Gaga does wear a lot of it at times......

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