9 Celebrity Kids Who Looks like Their Parents ...


9 Celebrity Kids Who Looks like Their Parents ...
9 Celebrity Kids Who Looks like Their Parents ...

These celebrity kids who look like their parents really hit the jackpot. I mean, what else do they need?! It’s awesome to see the celebs have their own little mini-me. From their looks to their familiar career paths, these celebrity kids who look like their parents are well on the way to becoming big stars! Take a look at the list and let me know which duo you think looks the most alike!

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Jaden Smith

Jaden Smith First on the list of celebrity kids who look like their parents is Jaden. It’s kind of scary just how much Jaden looks like his dad, Will. I mean, in a few years, he’ll be the same age Will was when he started Fresh Prince! Standing next to each other, Jaden looks just like his father's mini-me. He definitely got his father’s good looks. Will looks like he never ages! Do you think Jaden will be the same way?


Apple Martin

Apple Martin Apple definitely got her good looks from her mama, Gwyneth Paltrow. They both have the long, thin frames. Oh, and the golden locks with gorgeous eyes! Apple’s definitely Gwyneth’s mini-me. I can’t wait to see pictures of Apple when she’s older. The two will look like sisters!


Liv Helen Freundlich

Liv Helen Freundlich I can’t even deal. Liv looks like the spitting image of her mom, Julianne Moore. From the long red locks, light eyes, and pretty much the entire face structure, these two are twins. They both have the tall, thin frame. Whenever I look at pictures of the two, I always think it looks like Julianne is hanging out with the past version of herself. Weird. Wouldn’t it be awesome if they both starred in a movie together?


Honor Warren

Honor Warren Ah. How freaking adorable is this little girl? She looks just like her mom, Jessica Alba. The two have the same adorable smile and eyes! If Jess ever needs someone to play her tiny double, Honor’s it. How cute would that be?!


Violet Affleck

Violet Affleck Violet is just too cute! She looks just like her mom, Jennifer Garner. The two have matching smiles and have the same eyes and nose! I’d definitely say she looks more like Jen than she does Ben. She’s just a like a tiny version of her! Do you agree?


Ava Phillippe

Ava Phillippe Which one is which? It’s becoming harder and harder to tell Reese Witherspoon and Ava apart! It’s insane how much they look alike. Both are so gorgeous. Those golden locks and that big smile make them twins. Don’t you agree?


Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz Beckham

Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz Beckham One thing’s for sure. These boys are going to be some major heart throbs. They’re already the spitting image of their dad, David Beckham. They have the hair and the smile. Their styles are even similar! Who knows, maybe one day one of them will be rocking the family name on the back of a jersey. That’d be pretty amazing.


Kaia Crawford

Kaia Crawford This pretty girl looks exactly like her superstar mom, Cindy Crawford. I mean, how lucky did she get in the gene department? She shares her mom’s famous smile and definitely shares her envious bone structure. Like her mom, Kaia’s into modeling! She even modeled for young Versace. Very impressive, huh?


Alice Richmond

Alice Richmond Alice is a dead ringer for her mom, Tina Fey. She’s even made a cameo on Tina’s show, “30 Rock”! How cool is that? I think as the years go by, Alice will look even more like Tina! She’s already her mini-me so imagine that. Fingers crossed that Alice is just as funny as her mama.

That sums up my list for celebrities who look like their parents. There’s actually a lot more, but I kept this list limited to just 9! Who do you think look the most alike?

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crawford, witherspoon and the beckam family look nearly identical omg!

Ava and Reese's resemblance is un canny :)

I think Kaia is the luckiest one!

They look so much alike it's unreal

And Jaden has his dad's EXACT same mannerisms too! It's freaky!

Violet looks more like Ben Affleck's wife and Jessica Alba's daughter looks more like the husband, Cash.

I didn't realize how much reese witherspoons daughter looked like her your right they look identical!

Are Cindy Crawfords daughters arms unusually long?

Reese and Ava...wow. It's like they're clones.

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