7 Celebrities Who Cut Their Long Hair Short ...

Nowadays, there are so many celebrities who cut their long hair short! It's a "liberating" experience, or so they say. Personally, I think I'm too much of a coward to chop off my long locks. I waited so long for them! Plus, the patience needed to wait for hair to grow back is just something I do not have. Check out these celebrities who cut their long hair short. Let me know which look you preferred!

1. Miley Cyrus

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There's no way Miley wouldn't be number one on this list. Everyone loved Miley's beautiful long locks and over the years, it got shorter and shorter. For a while, she rocked the "Miley Bun" that was a major hair trend. Then one day, we all know the story, she chopped it all off. Don't get me wrong, I think Miley is gorgeous and can pull off any look she wants to. Do you agree? Who's next on the list of celebrities who cut their long hair short?

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