7 Popular Celebrities Who Are Always Trending ...

It seems like whenever we go on Twitter or turn on our televisions, there are those select few celebrities who are always trending. Sometimes for good, most of the time for bad, but whatever it is that they’re doing, it keeps them in the spotlight. And of course there are the celebrities that are famous for reasons we can’t figure out, so they need to maintain a spot on the trend list to stay remembered. Let’s check out a few celebrities who are always trending.

1. Kanye West

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Rapper Kanye West was once considered one of the best rappers, along with Lil Wayne and Jay-Z, whom he collaborates with a lot. After his mother passed away though, Kanye lost a lot of respect from fans because of his carefree attitude. He was always on social media and television because he was constantly wrecking something and many people lost respect for him after he developed a drinking problem. In 2009 at the Video Music Awards, everyone was convinced that Kanye had lost it because Kanye decided to interrupt Taylor Swift after she was called up to receive an award. Kanye basically said that Beyoncé should have won the award, not Swift. In 2014 Kanye is still one of those celebrities who are always trending, because he has gotten himself back on track and is focused on making good music again.

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