7 Celebrities Who Starred in Commercials before They Were Famous ...

You don’t expect many celebrities who starred in commercials to skyrocket to fame, but they had to test the acting waters somehow, right? In reality some of the most well-known celebrities had their breakout moments during TV commercials. Here is a list of 7 celebrities who starred in commercials before they were famous and yes, you might experience a little bit of nostalgia!

1. Lindsey Lohan

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Before the paparazzi, scandals and rehab, Lindsey Lohan got her start on a Jell-O commercial in 1995, alongside Bill Cosby! The fresh-faced redhead can be seen prancing around to a catchy song while eating grape Jell-O. Only if things were still that simple for her now! I guess not everything works out for these celebrities who starred in commercials!

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